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Perkie's Observations: Curtis and Jason Save Trina and Cameron on General Hospital

William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla, Donnell Turner

William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla, Donnell Turner

Jason tells Liz he knows who took Cameron and Trina, and tells her not to call the police. Liz tells Franco, who says she needs to call the police. 

Taggert shows up at the warehouse where Cameron and Trina are being held at gunpoint. The goons refuse to let the kids go. Cameron causes a distraction and manages to escape. Taggert fights with the goons. Curtis comes in and pulls Trina out of the line of fire. 

Cameron doesn't get very far before he's caught. Jason shows up, shoots the goon, and saves Cameron. Inside, Taggert gets shot as Curtis pulls a hysterical Trina away. Jason gets the kids to lock themselves inside the car while he and Curtis make a plan. Trina gets angry that she let herself get kidnapped and doesn't want to stay in the car. Cameron convinces her to stay put. 

Molly turns down TJ's proposal and says she didn't know marriage was what he wanted. Molly claims she doesn't need the papers, but TJ wants the whole thing. Molly hands the ring back to TJ and feels marriage will mess them up. 

Willow talks to Chase about her feelings about Wiley and her late son. She wonders if things would have been different if she hadn't given her baby up. Chase blames Nelle and Brad. Willow says she's grieving both babies. 

Michael's worried about his parenting skills again, but Sasha reassures him. Michael wants to discuss how this will impact their relationship. Sasha says she's fine going with the flow for the time being. 

Willow stops in to see Michael. Michael wants Willow to stay a part of Wiley's life. 

Alexis is surprised to see Lucas back at work so soon. Alexis commiserates with him about the baby. Lucas asks Alexis to help him get a divorce. 

Alexis is surprised when Molly tells her she turned down TJ's proposal. Alexis blames herself and her bad relationships. 

Liz finally calls the police and tells Jordan about the kids and their visit from Taggert. Jordan tells them not to panic and has officers looking for them. Jordan's not happy to hear that Liz called Jason to help instead of the police. 

Curtis and Jason get into a gunfight with the goons, who eventually get away. Taggert tells Curtis to take care of Trina before he passes out.