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He's the Réal McCoy: Réal Andrews Talks Long-Awaited Return to General Hospital

Real Andrews

Réal Andrews 

Réal Andrews (Lieutenant Marcus Taggert, General Hospital) is a welcome presence in Port Charles these days, alongside his on-screen daughter Sydney Mikayla (Trina). Andrews spoke to Soap Opera Digest about his comeback and connections to the current canvas.

He reflected:

I was just blown away by the response. It was really humbling and powerful. I don’t walk around and say, ‘Hey, I was Taggert.’ I’m not that guy. I’m a big advocate of, as amazing as it was to be Taggert 17 years ago, that’s in the past, man. I always say, ‘Let’s make history instead of read history.’ To get that kind of support from people I don’t even know was just amazing, seriously. I knew, at that time, I was going to be on the show, but obviously I couldn’t say anything. I was like, ‘Oh, man, they’re going to be excited when I come back!’ 

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Andrews is thrilled not only to be back, paired with real-life pal Maurice Benard (AKA Taggert's nemesis, Sonny), but to have his return rooted in connections to current characters. He added:

What’s great — phenomenal, actually — is if you remember, Taggert, 17 years ago, was pretty much one-note: He was after Sonny, he was taking Sonny down. He had a little bit of a [romantic] relationship here and there, but not much. And right from the get-go, the writers are writing Taggert with a lot of levels, many twists and turns, and from an actor’s point of view, that’s very rewarding and exciting.

Andrews also discussed his real-life issues issues, from a cancer diagnosis to battling with sobriety. He noted:

When you go through the program [AA], you do a lot of soul-searching and a lot of word. You don’t really realize when you’re in it, but man, I left a path of destruction, for sure.

Here's hoping Taggert will survive whatever Mob-related conundrums come his way and sticks around PC for a long time to come!