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Perkie's Observations: Trina Has to Say Goodbye on General Hospital

Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

Taggert's taken to the hospital and waits for surgery. (I was too quick to call time of death in Friday's recap.) Jordan complains to Curtis he could have been killed by going in without her. Curtis says it was Taggert's call. Jordan's worried about protecting Port Charles. Jason questions Curtis, who says he was there to help a friend. 

Laura checks in with Jordan and is not happy to hear it was Renault's work. Laura says they need a better plan of attack. 

Cameron's reunited with Liz and Franco, and explains what happened. Cameron tells Liz that Jason saved him. Liz finds Jason and asks if Cameron is safe. Jason says Renault was after Taggert. 

Sonny offers Brando his protection, but Brando's not interested. He wants his life back, but Sonny feels it's unsafe. Jason updates Sonny on the shooting, and how Jordan and Taggert are somehow connected to Renault. After Sonny leaves, Carly tries to convince Brando to stay and he finally agrees. 

Willow tells Michael she has to let Wiley go. Willow says she never grieved for her baby and doesn't understand why she didn't know the truth. Michael asks her not to shut Wiley out as she deserves a place in his life. Sasha tries to convince Willow to stay in Wiley's life. She feels Michael will need her help. Willow refuses. 

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Taggert thanks Curtis for getting Trina out safely. Jordan curses Taggert out for going in without any backup. Jordan says they have to work as a team now. Taggert promises Trina he'll stay in town for awhile. 

Sonny stops by to tell Taggert that if they're working together, he needs to call him first next time. Taggert tells Sonny to look out for Trina.

Laura tells Sonny if he retaliates, things will get worse. She says Renault is now her problem.

Jordan updates Laura about the 2 dead DEA agents and how Renault is working it from inside Pentonville. 

Taggert dies. Liz tells Trina and comforts her. Jordan tells Trina she used to work with Taggert and he was the best agent she ever worked with.
Jordan tells Curtis it's time to resign. 

Laura gets notification of Taggert's death as she pays Renault a visit. Laura says she has cause to block Renault's link to the outside world. Laura says he'll be sorry for Taggert's death.