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WATCH: The View's Meghan McCain Says Chris Matthews Merited "a Better Send-Off"

Meghan McCain, The View

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain is speaking out on behalf of MSNBC's Chris Matthews. On March 3's episode of The View, the co-hosts discussed Matthews' departure from his long-running political program, Hardball, after making allegedly inappropriate comments and actions toward women.

While Joy Behar expressed appreciation for Matthews' past work, she added:

It's enough with these old guys and their stupid remarks. 

McCain chimed in:

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I love him. And to reduce his entire career to this segment yesterday made me really sad, because I thought he deserved a better send-off than that.

She added:

“That doesn’t mean his behavior should be absolved or he should not apologize, but there’s a lot of people at NBC that have done a lot of crap.

Watch the chat below.