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Perkie's Observations: Teflon Nelle Skates Her Way Out of Court on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Chloe Lanier

Carly arrives at the courthouse for Nelle's arraignment and the two get into it. Carly is certain Nelle is going back to jail and will never see Wiley again. Nelle thinks Carly will tell Wiley about how bad she is. Carly retorts that Wiley will read all about her once he's old enough. Carly tells Nelle she can show her love for Wiley by admitting to everything.

Michael tells Sasha he's taking a leave of absence to be with Wiley. He doesn't understand Willow's reluctance to be around him. He doesn't think the two should be apart. Sasha wonders if he can accept it if Willow can't be part of Wiley's life. 

Chase finds Willow and she's upset. She explains how she misses Wiley, but Michael wants her around. Chase thinks she should do what's best for her. 

Chase heads over to talk to Michael, but finds Sasha. He says Michael is messing with Willow's head by insisting she stay in Wiley's life. Chase says Willow is still grieving and falling apart. Sasha claims Michael isn't trying to hurt Willow and admits she backed him up. Sasha says they can both keep an eye on Michael and Willow, and support them. 

Linc tells Brook Lynn she will be free in exchange for the shares. Brook Lynn doesn't understand why Linc would want them. Olivia interrupts. When Linc leaves, Brook Lynn tells her Linc wants something in exchange for the contract and she's not sure she can give it to him. Olivia tells her to do what's best for her, but she has to live with it. 

Mac gives Jordan the heads up he'll need to get Curtis' statement on how things went down at the warehouse, but he'll take his time getting it.

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Sonny and Jason summon Curtis to tell him that Renault's threat is touching all of them. Sonny wants to know what Renault's beef was with Taggert, but Curtis refuses to talk to them. Jason figures Jordan is in deep. 

Nelle's charged with assault and possession of forged papers with the intent to kidnap. The ADA wants bail denied since Nelle is clearly a flight risk. Nelle's lawyer Zahra wants all charges dismissed. 

The ADA says Nelle assaulted Willow, but Zahra claims Willow let Nelle into the apartment and there's no proof she her out. Zahra says she she hasn't seen the forged papers. The ADA admits the papers have been misplaced, while Valentin looks on smugly from the background. 

The judge dismisses all charges until the evidence can be found. Zahra tells Nelle she's free, but she got lucky. Zahra says Robert can refile charges against her at any time. She warns Nelle not to leave town.

Carly's upset with Robert and the ADA. She's told there's no proof that Nelle was working with Brad to kidnap Wiley. Nelle informs Michael she's suing for full custody of Wiley.

Mac meets with Sonny and Jason, and warns them that Laura is coming down hard on everyone involved. Mac says things feel differently this time, which Sonny agrees with. 

Jordan tells Curtis that Mac wants his statement and he wants the truth. She says she has her resignation letter and confession ready. Curtis says Renault will be released and she'll be in prison if she tells anyone that she helped rig Renault's conviction. Jordan says she doesn't know how to stop him. 

Jordan and Curtis head to Sonny's to say they need to work together to take down Renault.