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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Makes a Slick Move on General Hospital

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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart, Dan Buran

Ned wants Brook Lynn to get to work at ELQ, but she behaves like an entitled teenager who's never heard of a job before (seriously, how old is she supposed to be?). Ned reminds her the record contract is valid, but Brook Lynn says she's not worried about Linc anymore. 

Michael mentions to Brook Lynn how hard it's been for Wiley to adjust to the parental change. He's upset that Willow is grieving and Lucas' world has fallen apart. 

Michael tells Ned he wants to take a leave of absence to focus on Wiley. Olivia and Ned both try to talk him out of it, saying there is plenty of help in the Quartermaine mansion. Michael is determined and asks Ned to take over for a month.

Ned calls a meeting to announce the CEO change. Olivia points out he never mentioned to Michael that someone has been trying to acquire shares. Ned says he has Michael's best interests at heart, but the company needs his leadership. Ned plans on making the change permanent.

Maxie complains to Peter about Spinelli's suspicions about him. Peter tells Maxie that Robert, Jason, and Finn all believe he hasn't changed for the better. Maxie reassures him and says she believes in them.

Liesl stops by to talk to Peter. She says she's been so angry since Nathan's death and her anger has been misguided. She sees the error of her ways and is a changed woman. 

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Alexis runs into Valentin and notices he seems in a better mood than the last time she saw him. Valentin says he's only had a temporary setback and has decided he's keeping his last name. Alexis says he needs to build a life where he can respect himself. 

Anna runs into Finn and Violet at the skating rink. Anna tries to get into Finn's good graces, but he says he doesn't trust Peter. Anna doesn't want to sacrifice their future. Finn says he needs to look out for Violet. 

Julian finds Linc on the pier and warns him to tear up Brook Lynn's contract. Julian warns that he has friends who can make Linc's life difficult.

Valentin interrupts, so Julian leaves. Linc complains to Valentin that he doesn't want their deal to ruin him or cost him his life. Valentin tells Linc not to worry about Julian and he's being well compensated. Valentin feels Brook Lynn is desperate enough at this point to give up her ELQ shares. 

Julian tells Brook Lynn that Linc didn't tear up the contract in front of him, but believes that he will. He says that's as far as he's willing to go. Brook Lynn tries to blackmail him again, saying she'll tell Lucas everything she believes. Brook Lynn threatens to tell Sonny, but Julian says his blood will be on her hands. 

Michael meets with Diane and says he wants to change Wiley's last name. He wants the name to be Quartermaine Corinthos. Diane says Nelle might have something to say about it. Michael explains how Nelle violated parole when she attacked Willow and conspired to kidnap Wiley. Diane says she's still a factor in Wiley's life. 

Linc agrees to tear up the contract. Brook Lynn wants to know what he wants in exchange for her freedom. Linc hands her some papers, asking for her shares in ELQ.