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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Blasts Curtis for Spilling Her Tea to Mobsters on General Hospital

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Jordan Ashford, Curtis Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Donnell Turner

Michael says Nelle has no grounds for full custody, but she says his family is dangerous. She reminds Michael he's as much of a felon as she is. Both Carly and Michael poo poo that as an accident from his youth. 

Nelle points out that courts tend to side with the mother, but Michael feels the judge will see right through her. Willow offers to testify on Michael's behalf. Then, Carly calls Nelle trash. 

Curtis says they have a common enemy coming after all of them. Sonny wants to know the connection to Jordan, so Curtis tells him about the DEA task force that put Renault away. Jordan is livid that he would admit that to Sonny and says she won't be working with a mobster who she doesn't trust. 

Curtis believes they need to combine their resources, but Jordan is not happy and storms off. Jason wants to know why Jordan hasn't gone to the DEA. Curtis says someone at the DEA leaked the names of the task force to Renault. Jason decides Renault has something on Jordan. After Curtis leaves, Jason and Sonny wonder what Jordan is hiding. 

Ava and Nikolas stop by Liz's to see Trina, who spent the night while waiting for her mother to return from out of town. Ava tells Trina her father was a brave man and offers her condolences. Ava counsels Trina not to feel pressured to get over things, as grief has no timeline.

Trina asks if she'll get over it. Ava says it will take time, but she'll eventually move on from the pain. Trina's mother Portia arrives to pick her up. Ava introduces herself and sings Trina's praises. 

Ava offers to be there for Trina if needed. Portia reminds Ava that Trina is her daughter and warns her about boundaries. Portia says she knows Ava's history and Trina is not there to fill Ava's emotional void. Ava gets upset and leaves. When Nikolas doesn't move to follow, Franco heads out after Ava. Liz chastises Nikolas for not going after Ava, but he says they're just business partners. 

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Anna tells Peter that the WSB is investigating another of Faison's companies. Anna says there was a money transfer to the gunman and when she sees Liesl's name, decides she's the one that orchestrated everything. Peter stands there looking smug as Anna believes Liesl was behind everything. 

Liesl catches Spinelli trying to eavesdrop on Peter's conversation. Spinelli says he believes Peter is up to no good. He wants to work with Liesl, but she's not interested. Spinelli mentions Nelle's arraignment, which interests Liesl. 

Molly meets Sam and explains that she turned down TJ's proposal. She says she didn't want to hurt him and can't believe he didn't come home that night. Sam tells Molly to reach out, so she decides to go to the hospital to talk to TJ. 

Spinelli updates Sam that he didn't get anywhere with Peter, but he was able to hack into the parole officer's home server. He found out she's been calling the same burner phone. Sam is happy they may have something on Dolores that may get her to back off.

Jordan's not happy with Curtis, who points out that TJ's at risk. Jordan's upset that Curtis is trying to manipulate her and swears she's not working with Sonny. Molly shows up and tells Jordan that TJ is missing. 

Franco catches up to Ava, who's feeling sorry for herself. She says Trina reminded her of Kiki. Ava says Portia was right in calling her out because Kiki isn't coming back. 

Carly tells Michael she contacted Diane and to let her do her job. Michael agrees that he has to win sole custody. 

Liesl finds Nelle at the courthouse and warns her not to implicate her or she'll turn Nelle in. Nelle says the secret of Liesl being present at Jonah's birth is safe, and she told everyone Brad switched the babies while she was unconscious. 

Anna finds Liesl and says she didn't get away with "it".