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Perkie's Observations: Anna Drinks the Kool-Aid and Guns for Liesl on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Kathleen Gati

Anna tells Liesl she knows she's been carrying on Faison's legacy and she won't let get away with it. Liesl says she's moved on from her past with Faison and is reformed. Anna says Liesl framed Peter and she has proof.  Liesl points the finger at Peter, but Anna says she's always had it in for Peter. Anna says the evidence points to Liesl and has her arrested. 

Molly explains how she broke TJ's heart when she turned down his proposal. Jordan says she received a text from TJ since Molly last saw him and is certain he's just lying low. Jordan reassures Molly he'll come to his senses and contact her. 

Portia tells Liz that Taggert should have told them the kids might be in danger. Portia doesn't understand why Taggert would bring danger with him to town.

Jordan meets Portia. Jordan says they have a lead on the kidnapping. Portia brings up Renault's name and says Taggert told her he was following up on a case. Jordan explains how Renault is likely behind everything. Jordan tells Portia she'll have officers to watch over her and Trina. Portia says Renault got what he wanted . . . Taggert's death. 

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Cameron and Trina discuss the night of the shooting. She wonders if she could have done something else to save Taggert. Trina adds she wishes she could have known her father better. Cameron tells Trina he wonders about his own father sometimes. 

Nina's back and Maxie's less than happy about it. Maxie takes off and complains to Peter. Peter gets a text about Liesl's arrest and tells Maxie about it. Maxie gets upset, but believes Liesl is capable what she's accused of.

Jax tells Nina that human resources signed off on their personal relationship. The two kiss and discuss what happened while Nina was away, including everything about Wiley.

Alexis shows up at an opera in New York . . . a gift from Diane. She finds out that Neil is her box partner. He offers to leave, but she insists they watch it together.

Robert offers an ear to Finn so he can discuss his relationship with Anna. Finn says he needs to protect Violet. Anna arrives and tells them that Liesl was behind everything and was trying to frame Peter. Anna tries to convince Finn how this proves Peter's innocence and asks if he's ready to come home.