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Sharon Osbourne's F-Bomb on UK Breakfast TV Puts Piers Morgan in a Tight Spot

Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne,

Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne

The Talk's Sharon Osbourne might have gotten fellow Brit Piers Morgan in a bit of trouble. When appearing on an awards edition of controversial presenter Morgan's Good Morning Britain, Mrs. O accidentally dropped an f-bomb; she didn't realize she was still mic'ed up at the time. 

Osbourne's utterance caused Morgan to issue an immediate "I'm sorry." He said:

I’d just like to make an immediate, early apology for some profanity that may have been heard earlier.

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Per Deadline, GMB is under investigation to see if it violated broadcasting regulations. A spokesperson for Ofcom, the UK's media regulation agency, said:

We are investigating whether this program broke our rules on offensive language.