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Roscoe Born's Family Releases Cause of Death

Erika Slezak, Roscoe Born

Erika Slezak, Roscoe Born

The family of late soap star Roscoe Born has revealed the actor's cause of death on March 3. In a statement on Facebook, his family disclosed his cause of death as suicide.

According to the statement,

Roscoe has long struggled with bipolar disorder, a shadow that he succumbed to when he took his own life on Tuesday March 3, 2020.

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We are grateful for the outpouring of kind words and memories. We only wish that Roscoe could have seen how much people still carry his daytime villains in their hearts. May his death remind us of the importance of opening up conversations around mental illness. May those who need help seek it. May those who seek help receive it. And may it serve them. 

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Born is survived by his daughter Alberta from his former marriage to Santa Barbara co-star Roberta Weiss (ex-Flame).

Read the family's entire statement below: