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Perkie's Observations: Julian Warns Brad to Keep His Trap Shut on General Hospital

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Julian Jerome, Brad Cooper, General Hospital

William deVry, Parry Shen

In the glow of the morning after, Alexis thinks she and Neil shouldn't be together again. She's worried about his career, but he has no regrets. Alexis and Neil head to the review board meeting. The board wants to know the nature of their relationship. Alexis explains the one time when they kissed, but they have not had a romantic relationship. Alexis swears they are strictly professional. 

Michael tells Sasha about Diane's idea to get married to strengthen his case against Nelle. Later, Sasha asks him about it. Michael says a marriage of convenience is not fair to her. He wants to get married eventually, but for the right reasons.

Julian tells Ava that he's afraid Brad will give him up at his arraignment hearing. Julian's not worried about going to prison so much as what Sonny will do. 

Scotty's preparing Brad for the arraignment hearing and wants to know if anyone else was aware of the switch. Brad says it was all Nelle's idea. Julian shows up to discuss strategy with Scotty, who says he believes someone else was involved. Julian warns Brad not to say anything and to think of Lucas. Brad is angry that he's the only one taking the fall. Julian says he's only known for a short time, since Brad begged him to keep the secret. He tells Brad to stick to the script. 

Mac holds a memorial for Taggert at The Rib. Jordan is not happy when Sonny shows up, but he claims he's there to pay his respects. Sonny offers Trina and Portia his condolences. Ava arrives and also offers Trina her condolences, much to Portia's annoyance. Jordan offers Portia her sympathies. Portia complains that Taggert always picked the job over her and Trina. 

Laura wonders why Curtis isn't at the memorial. He says he feels guilty that he wasn't able to save Taggert. Laura says Curtis got Trina out and Taggert wanted him to protect the kids. Curtis says Trina doesn't feel that way. 

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Sonny checks in on Michael. Michael tells him he's taking a leave of absence and is determined to provide a good home. Michael says he's dreading Brad's trial and desperately wants him to plead guilty. Sonny reassures Michael that it will all work out. 

Laura and Curtis arrive at the wake. Trina confronts Curtis, claiming he's the reason Taggert is dead and wants Curtis gone. Curtis and Portia recognize each other (hhhmmm Curtis is the baby daddy and not Taggert??). Portia tells Trina that Curtis saved her life, but she storms off.

Cameron and Joss try to comfort Trina. Cameron's glad they're alive. Joss tells Trina that she got extra time to say goodbye. 

Jordan questions Curtis about knowing Portia. He says he knew her long ago (hhmm, maybe 17 years ago??) and didn't realize she was Trina's mother. Jordan gets another text from TJ, saying he needs time away. Curtis is certain that TJ just needs time to lick his wounds. Jordan asks TJ to call her and tells Curtis she wants to be certain. 

Ava and Laura make small talk and when Liz joins them. Ava says she wants Liz and Franco over for dinner. Later, Laura warns Liz that Ava and Nikolas are up to something.

Ava tells Trina to take her time grieving. 

Sonny shows up to talk to Brad.