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WATCH: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Squares Off with The View Panelists over Coronavirus

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to co-host The View on March 11. In an audience-free studio (due to coronavirus concerns), the conservative commentator engaged in dialogue about the pandemic sweeping the globe.

Hasselbeck supported Donald Trump's handling of this crisis, saying:

We’re on the very front end of this right now, and I feel comfortable and confident that because of strong leadership.

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Sunny Hostin chimed in:

There are only 12 states plus D.C., you know, that have paid leave, and then you have one in four Americans that don’t have paid leave, especially low wage workers. They are going to work when they don’t feel well because it makes the difference for their family. So when you look at the response, Elisabeth, from this administration, it hasn’t been good. I don’t see real leadership.

While Meghan McCain was pro-quarantine if necessary, Hasselbeck seemingly offered a different perspective:

Here's what I know. I think that fear and isolation are tools of the enemy and I think right now in this time of physical isolation or if you have to desocialize, find a way to love somebody and hug them in a way that you can. Because we need our hearts and our heads to be cared for, as well.

Watch some clips of Hasselback throwing down below.