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Perkie's Observations: Busy Sonny Finds Time to Threaten and Coerce Brad on General Hospital

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Brad Cooper, Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Parry Shen

Brad realizes Sonny is there to make him pay. Sonny says Brad caused his family pain, but he'll spare his life if Brad pleads guilty to all charges. 

Brad's hearing begins with only Julian and Lucas in attendance. Judge Lassiter says Brad is charged with 1st degree kidnapping and 1st degree fraud and asks for his plea. Scotty is shocked when Brad pleads guilty to all charges. 

The judge asks if Brad is knowingly and voluntarily entering the plea. Brad says he's waving all rights, but wants the court to know that he wasn't the only one responsible. He says Nelle is lying and she was in on the plan from the beginning. 

Scotty warns Brad he could get up to 40 years in prison. Lucas stops Scott from badgering Brad. Brad tells Lucas he just wanted them to be happy, but Lucas doesn't believe he did it for him. Brad wonders if he'll ever see Lucas again. Lucas takes off his wedding ring. The two hug and Lucas leaves. 

Dr. Cross finishes questioning Alexis, then puts Neil in the hot seat. Neil chooses to corroborate Alexis' statement about their relationship being strictly professional. After conferring with the other board members, Dr. Cross tells them Neil can retain his license. 

Alone, Neil says he was surprised Alexis lied, but he went along with it. Alexis believes they now need to play by the rules, which means not seeing each other romantically for two years. 

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Molly and Sam update Jordan that TJ did not come home for a second night. Jordan reassures Molly that she received a text from TJ and he's simply away licking his wounds. After Molly leaves, Jordan admits to Curtis that she's worried the text wasn't legit. 

Laura arrives and wants to know what Jordan's plan is to stop Cyrus. Jordan says she's on top of his shipments and he hasn't had any contact with the outside. Laura believes Cyrus has a support system on the inside. Jordan decides to pay Cyrus another visit. Laura warns Curtis not to interfere in the investigation. 

Molly complains to Sam about TJ ghosting her and wonders why. Sam reminds Molly that she's a PI and will find TJ for her. 

Brook Lynn hangs out at Turning Woods, singing to Mike and the other residents. Sonny shows up, and while Mike is aware of his son, believes Brook Lynn is Lois. Brook Lynn tells Sonny that music helps with Alzheimer's patients. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that all that matters is family. Brook Lynn calls Ned and tells him she's ready to be a part of ELQ. 

Julian wants to know why Brad changed his plea. Brad explains that Sonny visited and threatened him. Julian asks if Brad threw him under the bus, but Brad says he kept quiet for Lucas' sake. Brad warns Julian he better cover his tracks. 

Brad is shocked when Britt shows up to support him. (The camera work made me unsure whether Britt was really there or a figment of Brad's imagination.)

Jordan meets with Cyrus and talks about Trina having to watch her father die in front of her. Cyrus makes a comment about kids being the future. Cyrus crows that despite being in solitary, no one can stop him from doing what's necessary. Jordan asks him if he has her son. (Then asks if he wants a ham sandwich and a bag of chips. I mean seriously, nothing against BNH, but oy vey she's playing this way too low key.)