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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Learns TJ's Fate on General Hospital

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Jordan Ashford, Cyrus Renault, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Jeff Kober

Britt is shocked to hear that Brad pleaded guilty, but he tells her about Sonny's threat. Britt wonders why Brad didn't throw Julian under the bus, but Brad said he did it for Lucas. (I get that show wants me to hate the Jeromes and loved the Corinthi, but how would outing Julian make any difference? He didn't learn the truth until a year later and Brad is still the one that changed the babies.) Britt says she heard about her mother's legal troubles. Brad fills her in on what Liesl knows about the baby switch.

Jordan insists Cyrus tell her whether or not he has TJ, but Cyrus waxes philosophical and doesn't admit to anything. Jordan gets a text with a photo of TJ, proving someone has him. Cyrus says she needs to move fast to get to him. 

Stella returns to town after hearing about the shooting involving Curtis. Curtis tells her how badly he feels for Trina, but Stella says Taggert's death wasn't his fault. Stella wants to see TJ, but Curtis says he's upset over the proposal rejection. 

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Sasha tells Willow about possibly marrying Michael to strengthen his bid to get Wiley. Sasha's freaking out a little about how fast things are moving and possibly becoming a mother. 

Nelle wants to know why Brad pleaded guilty, but Julian's not in a chatting mood. She talks about Wiley, but Julian points out the Corinthi will do their best to keep her out of his life. Willow overhears Nelle say she wants to change Wiley's name and confronts her. The two argue and Willow tosses her drink in Nelle's face.

Michael worries that a court might find Nelle sympathetic, but Chase is certain they'll see Michael as the better choice. Chase mentions the faked passports were stolen from the station. Michael wants to know who's working with Nelle and says she needs to be stopped. Michael tells Chase about his possible marriage. Chase thinks Michael should to do it for Wiley's sake. 

Brook Lynn tells Ned she's ready to go to work for ELQ. She says spending time with Mike made her realize that family is important.

Jordan gets back from her meeting with Cyrus, and gets upset with Stella. When Stella leaves the room, Curtis demands to know what happened with Cyrus.