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Perkie's Observations: Harmony's Reform Tour Hits a Sour Note on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Inga Cadranel

Britt and Julian discuss Brad. Britt tells Julian she knows he was helping Brad. Julian says Brad is at fault for everything that happened. (Am I the only one seeing a giant nugget of chemistry between Britt and Julian?)

Michael tells Sasha he doesn't want to pressure her. Sasha says she's willing to get married if it will help protect Wiley. Michael gets down on one knee and officially proposes. Michael summons Diane, who thinks the marriage is a bad idea. Diane says Sasha's past will be an issue and marrying her would hurt Michael's chances. Diane says unless Michael plans to marry someone as pure as the driven snow, he shouldn't bother (Hhhm, who could she possibly mean, writers?)

Willow runs into Harmony, who commiserates with her over the Wiley switch. Harmony gets a text and takes off. Willow and Chase discuss how her relationship with her mother is improving. 

Jordan gets a text to keep quiet about TJ and to expect a visitor. She tells Curtis about her visit with Cyrus. Curtis and Stella head out for dinner, leaving Jordan alone. Harmony shows up. She was sent by Cyrus. She says Jordan will be Cyrus' inside person at the PCPD. Harmony says TJ will pay the price if Jordan doesn't follow Cyrus' orders. 

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Jordan says Harmony is an accessory on the three deaths. Harmony admits Cyrus will hurt her if she doesn't work for him. Jordan wants proof that TJ is alive if she's going to work for Cyrus. 

Franco is surprised to hear that Liesl was arrested. Franco tells Liz he doesn't believe it, and decides to go see her. 

Nina stops by to see Liesl in lockup. Liesl says she was framed by Peter. Nina doesn't believe that Peter is guilty. Liesl swears she didn't kill Drew or set up the attack on Franco and Andre. She begs for Nina's help in Nathan's memory. This angers Nina, who storms out. 

Franco pays Liesl a visit. He asks if she hired someone to kill him, but she denies it. Liesl swears she never wanted Franco dead. She says she wasn't involved in the memory mapping. Liesl points the finger at Peter, but Franco doesn't believe her. 

Jordan tells Curtis that Cyrus doesn't seem to have any weak spots and she doesn't know where to hit him. 

Britt and Julian head to his back office to play tonsil hockey. (Yep, saw that coming after the first commercial!!)