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Arianne Zucker Talks Keeping Up with Nicole's Schemes on Days of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker

Days of Our Lives' Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) is right at the center of a major Salem storyline: the Mackenzie/Rachel swap. She knows the truth about baby Mickey's identity, but doesn't want to break the bad news to true love Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan), that the little girl he believes to be his and Sarah Horton's (Linsey Godfrey) really belongs to Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and Kristin Blake (Stacy Haiduk). 

What's a Salem schemer to do? Zucker told TV Insider all about it and confessed that Nicole's motivations are split:

It’s nice to see characters change throughout life. It’s pretty cool. But I think she feels very uncomfortable that the person she loves with all her heart [Eric] could be hurt in all this. Nicole is holding the cards. How do you not want to know?

She added:

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Yes. I think Nicole is in the middle of two things. It’s human nature, in some ways, to be selfish. I think it’s common for people to do what’s best for them. I like to believe that there’s a lot of good in people and they’ll choose to do the right thing. 

Zucker got to briefly play dual roles - Nicole and Kristin-as-Nicole-in-a-mask - last year. She had a ball, saying:

There’s so much you can do with her. The writers, I think, really enjoy writing [Kristen] because she can be so outrageous and because she’s so forgivable. There were similarities between [Nicole and Kristen]. I got to sink my teeth into that character. I was a little sad when I had to stop playing her.

This supplied her Emmy reel, she said:

I did. I submitted when Holly goes off the cliff. It was right when I came back. It was before it was revealed that Nicole was Kristen.