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WATCH: Dr. Phil Gives Advice on Dealing with Coronavirus Prevention, Anxiety on The View

Dr. Phil McGraw, Sara Haines, The View

Sara Haines, Dr. Phil McGraw

The View turned to Dr. Phil McGraw for advice on how to deal with coronavirus anxieties and prevention. McGraw stressed the importance of following directions:

Well, first off, I think we should cooperate with that and do what we're being asked to do. And I’ve stopped taping Dr. Phil and I wanted to do that, to lead by example. I sent my whole staff home last week, mandatory, and then we shut down, beginning today.

Experts advised him on how to proceed, he said:

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Well, what I wanted to do is take the politics out of this and so I brought in some of the really top people that have immersed themselves in in this. We have Professor Paula Cannon, who is a microbiologist and immunologist, and Dr. [Abdu] Sharkawy, who is an immunologist, Dr. Pat Johnson from Cedars Sinai. And we really get the facts about how this pathogen behaves and we really learned the power of washing your hands and washing surfaces, how critically important that is.

In another clip, McGraw advised viewers to "listen to the scientists." He added:

I don't care what the politicians say. Shut up! Listen to the scientists. So limit the sources you're paying attention to and limit the time that you're spending obsessing over this. Check in twice a day to the media and find out what's going on. You don't need to monitor this seven hours a day.

Watch that portion of their chat below.