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Perkie's Observations: Robert May Hold the Key to Liesl's Freedom on General Hospital

Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Tristan Rogers

Britt and Julian face the morning after before she heads out to see her mother in lockup. After Britt arrives, Liesl insists she wasn't involved in the memory transfer and blames Peter. Britt says she just got her life back on track and needs the truth. Liesl swears she didn't do anything and needs Britt's help to prove it. Britt says Anna wouldn't frame Liesl, but Liesl swears it was all Peter. Liesl is upset that Peter is around Maxie and James. Britt claims she can't help her mother. 

Nikolas complains to Ava that he doesn't want her to remodel Wyndemere. He doesn't want to change anything in case Spencer decides to come home. Nikolas mentions Hayden and wonders why she hasn't returned. Ava says if she hasn't returned she's either in trouble with someone else or has had an accident. 

Finn asks Liz if she's heard from Hayden. He says Violet's birthday is coming up and she misses her mother. Liz figures Hayden would have heard about Nikolas' return and wonders why she isn't back. 

Joss isn't happy she can't travel with her volleyball team due to the threat against the family. Carly says Sonny is trying to find a solution, but in the meantime she should home schooled. Joss briefly wonders if she should move to Australia with Jax, but then decides she doesn't want to leave Carly and her sisters behind. 

Carly offers to hire one of Joss' teachers as a tutor. Joss asks if her mother has ever thought about bailing on this life. Carly claims she's constantly weighing her options and if it got too bad with Sonny, she'd take her daughters and go. 

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Sonny and Jason offer up the old motorcycle garage to Brando. He doesn't want to be involved in any illegal activity. Sonny reassures him the shop is his to work in as he pleases. After Sonny leaves, Brando tells Jason he'd rather forget what happened and go back to Chicago. Jason brings up saving Carly's life, but Brando says he just happened to stumble into that situation and doesn't deserve any credit. 

Anna and Robert discuss Liesl. Anna points out how all the evidence points to her. She says Peter is innocent, but Robert believes it was a frame up.

Franco tells Scotty he's having financial problems and needs $100,000 for home repairs and growing boys. Scotty says he doesn't have the money, but will help Franco get a loan. 

Franco tells Ava about his money troubles and how he believes he no longer has artistic talent. Ava reassures him it's still inside him and his art will be lucrative again. 

Liz confronts Nikolas about Hayden, but he says he has no idea where she could be. Liz blames him for anything that may have happened to Hayden. 

Sonny stops by Julian's wondering why he paid for Brad's defense. He warns Julian that if he finds out he helped Brad, there will be consequences. 

Robert stops by to see Liesl. He believes she's not guilty and thinks they can help each other.