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Sydney Mikayla Describes Her "Really, Really Rewarding" Work at General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

Sydney Mikayla (Trina, General Hospital)'s time in Port Charles has changed her life. The rising star shared her on-set experiences with Soap Opera Digest, explained how  her life has dramatically changed at age 17, and dished on how much she loves working with frequent scene partner Maura West (Ava).

Mikayla described her experiences working with the GH team as "really, really rewarding." But her success on the show, with fans, writers, and critics alike, has thrown her for a bit of a loop - in a good way. She shared:

Before GH, I was kind of ready to just get out of L.A.. But with GH, I’m, like, ‘Hmmm, this is definitely interesting.’ I might stay in L.A.; I might go to college. By the end of this year is when I actually start applying for colleges, and I’m going to be a little bit all over the map. Every day my mind changes. It’s definitely different when you already have a career when you’re 17. It’s like, ‘Hmmm, what do I do with this?’ It’s a big piece in the whole puzzle.

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Mikayla is equally eager to share her love for West. She is keen to emulate the iconic actress's work ethic. 

Mikayla explained:

She always has her lines down, can always do stuff in one take. When we shot the gallery scenes where [Helena’s portrait] exploded, it was like 9 o’clock at night and they were like, ‘We need you to do this monologue where you’re on the phone,’ and they were like, ‘We can rehearse it.’ ” And she was like, ‘No. Let’s just do it.’ And I’ll never forget, she just knocked it out in one take, no stuttering, no repeating lines. I was like, ‘Wow, this is so inspiring.’ Her acting is just so spot-on and clear. I was like, ‘I want to get to this level, for sure.’