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Perkie's Observations: Trauma Tightens the Bonds for Trina and Cameron on General Hospital

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Trina Robinson, Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla

Jason and Brando hear something outside. It turns out to be Harmony with car trouble. Jason has Brando take care of the car and takes off. Brando resolves the issue quickly. He asks Harmony why she seemed nervous around Jason. Later, Brando tells Jason there was nothing wrong with Harmony's car and she was nervous about something. 

Willow tells Chase that Harmony has been behaving strangely lately. Jason finds them and tells Willow he's concerned about Harmony. He mentions that Harmony has a new car. Willow doesn't understand how she could afford it and admits to Jason she's worried too. 

Michael tells Sasha that Nelle was granted supervised visitation rights and is on her way over. Nelle shows up. (Yet the court appointed supervisor never does. Plot hole, writers?) Michael calls Chase to come over and hang out . . . and therefore keep an eye on Nelle for him. Nelle is upset, claiming Chase is there to intimidate her, but Michael says Chase is there as a friend. 

Alexis tells Sam that Neil's license was reinstated. Sam tells her mother about Molly and TJ's woes.

Neil is back on staff at the hospital. Liz talks to him about Cameron possibly needing therapy. Neil says he's willing to see Cameron, but reminds Liz she can't force him.

Cameron tells Joss he thought he was going to die the night of the shooting. Laura shows up looking for Sonny. Laura offers her shoulder to both kids. Laura then heads to the hospital to talk to Liz. Liz says she's worried about Cameron and thinks he should talk to Neil. Laura tells her to give him time to realize that he needs help. 

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Trina argues with Portia about the new short leash on her. After Trina leaves, Carly talks to Portia about the possibility of Trina getting home schooled with Joss. Portia brings up Ava and her dislike of Ms. Jerome. Carly's only too happy to trash Ava to Portia. (To me, Portia came across as jealous of Ava's connection with Trina through art. Carly came across as her usual biatchy self.)

Curtis wants to take Jordan out for dinner, but she says she has to work. He's worried that all work and no play will cause Jordan to burn out. 

Sam tells Jordan she and Spinelli managed to get the location of TJ's phone and wants to follow up with her. Jordan says will since Sam is a convicted felon and should stay out of it. 

Trina complains to Joss and Cameron about her mother's tight reigns. Joss tries to make it about herself. Trina loses it, but later apologizes for lashing out. Cameron and Trina discuss what happened to them. Cameron admits he has nightmares about dying that night. Trina says she's glad he didn't since she'd be lost without him. The two share a kiss. 

After Nelle leaves, Michael says he needs to do something to prove he's the more stable parent. Sasha says he needs to get married to provide a better stepmother. Willow shows up asking what she can do to help. (As someone who loves Chillow, I'm annoyed at this story.)

Nelle heads over to Metro Court to rub it in Carly's face that she was able to spend time with Wiley and he was happy. 

Jordan's leaving to find TJ just as Harmony shows up with new instructions.