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Dr. Oz EP Amy Chiaro Asks Staff to Work from Home, Doc Will Tape Remotely

Amy Chiaro, Brian Balthazar, Dr. Mehmet Oz

Amy Chiaro, journalist Brian Balthazar, and Dr. Mehmet Oz at the 2013 Daytime Emmys

Dr. Mehmet Oz is taking his show out of the studio after a staffer tested positive for coronavirus. Page Six shared an e-mail from the chatfest's executive producer, Amy Chiaro. The communication informed employees:

We have had a staff member test positive for Covid-19. Only 1 staff member has been tested at this time (that we are aware of).

We are asking everyone to wrap up their work on the Dr. Oz office side of the building at 125 West End Avenue and head home. This person was based out of that office space. We will take every necessary measure to have the offices and office areas deep cleaned ASAP.

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A separate source told Page Six:

His symptoms were subtle and he was sent home. He didn’t go home thinking he had coronavirus, but Dr. Oz wanted to be overly cautious and insisted he get the test. He personally intervened and it turned out to be the right move. Oz has been doing shows on the topic and knew doctors who had access, so he was able to fast-track it to get the test.

The article added that "Oz will now tape his show from a mini studio set up at his home."