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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Is Over Being Nina's Lapdog on General Hospital

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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

Jordan brushes off Harmony and heads to the alleyway where she finds TJ's phone, but not TJ. Harmony says Cyrus' men moved him and he's safe for now. Jordan wants Harmony to team up with her so they can work together. Harmony says she doesn't want to risk it and to just do as Cyrus asks. Harmony says Cyrus has a shipment coming in tonight and wants Jordan to move her officers off those streets. 

Cameron and Trina stop their awkward kiss. Joss walks in and wonders why they're acting weird. Trina heads out when Jax shows up. Joss tells Cameron she wants to be there for him and Trina. Jax says they both need a safe space to grieve, which would be with their friends. 

Sasha announces that Michael should marry Willow, which shocks everyone. Sasha reminds them it has to be the right person. Michael says it would be too obvious. Sasha counters it would only be until things stabilize. Chase warns that Nelle will always be there. Michael says Nelle lies and he won't do the same. Chase thinks it's too much to ask of Willow. 

Nina tells Jax about Liesl's arrest and how she's disappointed in her aunt. Jax mentions how Joss is being home schooled until the threat against Sonny is over. 

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Curtis talks to Portia about Trina since they were together 17 years ago. Portia says Trina is not Curtis' daughter, but Taggert's. Portia mentions she's thinking of transferring to GH from Mercy. Trina arrives and gets angry at Curtis. 

Lulu and Brook Lynn run into each other and act like petulant teenagers. Brook Lynn heads to work. Ned is angry she took such a long lunch. He tells Brook Lynn he has an important document and he needs her to send it out immediately. Brook Lynn agrees, but ends up spending her time vlogging. 

Maxie complains to Lulu that she's under appreciated at work. Lulu advises her to discuss it with Nina. Maxie approaches Nina and says she's taken for granted. Maxie points out all the things she does to keep things afloat. Nina agrees that Maxie is the reason the magazine is thriving. She promises to get Maxie a new title and salary. 

Jordan complains to Curtis that she hasn't figured out a way to stop Cyrus. Curtis reassures her, then tells her about his conversation with Portia. He says Trina is not his daughter. 

Nina tells Jax that she want to change the budget in order to give Maxie a raise. Jax disagrees.

Jordan calls Mac and has him move the officers off of Cyrus' route.