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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn and Lulu Throw It Down at the Metro Court on General Hospital

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Lulu Spencer, Brooke Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton, Emme Rylan

Anna wants Jason to have empathy for Peter because he's also been a scapegoat. Anna tells Jason he's connected to people she loves, but Jason thinks she's using those connections to manipulate him. Anna says the WSB can prove Liesl was responsible, but Jason believes the evidence was doctored. 

Brook Lynn says Lulu sabotaged ELQ and spit in the face of the Quartermaines just to get one over on her. Lulu says Brook Lynn did this to herself. Brook Lynn taunts Lulu about Dante, then Lulu sprays champagne on Brook Lynn. The two get into an all out brawl in the middle of the Metro Court restaurant while Valentin sits back and videotapes it all. (Hey Lulu, when he brings it up at the custody hearing, you'll have only yourself to blame.)

Carly wants to know what Michael's doing about Nelle. He says he's following Diane's orders and following the legal methods. Carly thinks they should use any means possible, but Michael tells her he'll handle Nelle.

After Michael leaves, Sasha tells Carly she thinks Michael should marry Willow to improve his chances of custody. Carly is impressed with how Sasha thinks. Carly is certain Sasha will help them come up with a plan to take care of Nelle. 

Spinelli is not happy to find Peter hanging out with Georgie. The two go back and forth. Peter points out they need to be cordial to one another since he'll be in Maxie's life permanently. Spinelli wonders if Peter is going to propose. Peter asks if Spinelli still has romantic feelings for Maxie, but he denies it. 

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Maxie returns to Crimson and gives Nina her letter of resignation. Jax tries to play hardball and declares he won't be giving her more money and to take a step back. Maxie says she has to set an example for her kids and she'll only be unemployed until Monday. Nina is shocked to think that Maxie has another job lined up so quickly. 

Valentin wants to invest in Deception, but Lucy is not interested in messing up the deal she has with Crimson. Lucy heads to Crimson and Maxie announces she is now working for Lucy, which catches her off guard. Maxie says Lucy gave her a card, but she counters she never offered her a job. Maxie storms off. Lucy swears it was all a misunderstanding. Nina says there will be no partnership between Crimson and Deception now.

Chase and Willow discuss the marriage proposal. Chase says Sasha was out of bounds with that idea.

Chase is called to Metro Court to stop the fight between Brook Lynn and Lulu. Brook Lynn manages to punch him in the face, so Chase has her arrested and taken to the station. (Not sure why Lulu wasn't arrested for public mischief or something as well.)

Lucy finds Valentin and takes him up on his offer. 

Maxie tells Peter and Spinelli she quit her job and doesn't know what she'll do now. Lucy calls and tells Maxie she overplayed her hand, but offers to hire her. Lucy says she secured an investor which will guarantee the success of Deception.