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Perkie's Observations: Anna Digs Deep for Peter's Acceptance on General Hospital

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Spinelli, Jason Morgan, Anna Devane, General Hospital

Bradford Anderson, Steve Burton, Finola Hughes

Jason updates Sonny about Harmony's visit to the garage and how her new car had nothing wrong with it. Jason thinks Harmony is up to something shady and it's connected to Sonny. 

Nina tells Jax that Maxie deserves a raise, but Jax says he can't give Crimson more money than the other departments. He feels it will show favoritism.

Anna and Finn discuss Violet's upcoming birthday party. Talk turns to weddings, and Anna decides she wants something big and sparkly.

Lulu shows Maxie that Brook Lynn has posted a vlog which shows confidential merger papers on her desk. Lulu wants to report it for the Invader, though Maxie points out it will mess with ELQ. Lulu checks with Peter, who tells her to go for it. 

Olivia asks Robert about Dante. He says he doesn't know his status, but promises to reach out to someone to look into it. 

Spinelli runs into Brando at the gym. Spinelli complains about Peter and how he's just trying to protect Maxie. Brando tells him to follow his gut.

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Michael and Wiley stop by ELQ to pay Ned a visit. Ned gets a call about the merger falling through. Just then, Olivia arrives and tells them how Brook Lynn's video went viral, causing the end of the merger.

Sonny summons Brando to ask about Harmony. Brando says he didn't tell her anything and is not happy that Sonny's business has found its way into the legit business. Brando asks if Sonny wants him to step in and help with the current situation, but Sonny turns him down. 

Jax talks to Carly about taking Joss to Australia. Carly says Joss doesn't want to go and is being home schooled at the Corinthos house. Jax says it's not safe and Joss deserves a normal life elsewhere. Jax brings up that Morgan's death was related to mob violence, which angers Carly. Jax apologizes saying he wants Joss safe. Carly wants to keep things as is and will monitor the situation. 

Nina tells Maxie there is no money in the budget for a raise, though she's getting a new title. Maxie says she's done and storms off. Maxie tells Lulu she was denied and will get even. 

Robert talks to Finn and tells him to stay on guard when it comes to Peter. 

Brook Lynn figures out that Lulu posted the video to the Invader and confronts her about it. 

Anna runs into Spinelli and Jason, and asks them to accept Peter now that he's been exonerated. Anna wants Jason to soften, but he says no.