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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Gets Smacked in Spencer's Honor on General Hospital

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Dr. Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud, Marcus Coloma

Britt apologizes to Franco for Liesl's attempt to kill him. Franco says Liesl denied it and she may be telling the truth. Britt reminds him that her mother is capable of anything and she had the strongest motive. 

Franco says James is the most important person to Liesl and she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their relationship. Peter runs into them. Britt tells him that Liesl is blaming Peter for everything, but Peter denies it. Britt mentions that whoever did it is cold, calculating, and desperate to cover their tracks. 

Nikolas tells Ava that Liz is angry with him because Hayden is nowhere to be found. Ava questions why he would deprive Liz of hope, but he feels Liz deserved honesty. Ava wants him to make up with Liz. 

Jason finds out that Cyrus managed to get a shipment into Port Charles. Sonny figures Cyrus has a cop in his pocket. Jason brings up how TJ is off the grid. He gets a call to let him know that police officers were taken off of Cyrus' route on Jordan's orders. 

Sam stops by to ask Jordan about TJ. Jordan says she followed the location of the phone, but TJ was gone. 

Anna wants to set a wedding date. She also wants Violet as part of the ceremony and Finn agrees. The two ask Violet, but she doesn't want another mommy. Finn says Violet has a mother and always will, and Anna isn't a replacement. 

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Sam talks to Curtis about Jordan and TJ. Curtis says Jordan has been texting with TJ, but is surprised when Sam tells him she told Jordan about TJ's phone. Curtis is certain there is a reason Jordan kept it from him. He asks Sam to tell Molly to back off until they hear from TJ. 

Harmony pays Jordan a visit and tells him Cyrus is pleased she followed his orders. She says Jordan is now a dirty cop. Jordan says if she continues to follow his orders, her men will figure it out. Harmony says Jordan needs to get Cyrus out of jail or TJ won't get freed. 

Felix and Liz worry about Lucas when he volunteers to work a second shift without sleep, and snaps their heads off about it. The two are shocked when Britt shows up for work. Britt says she's had her license restored and she's replacing Kim on a provisional basis. 

Nikolas and Ava show up at the hospital. Britt smacks Nikolas in the face and claims it's for Spencer. Britt tells Nikolas he broke Spencer's heart in the name of revenge. She says it would serve him right if Spencer never forgave him. 

Liz steps in and tells Britt to back off because Nikolas did what he did for Spencer. Liz and Britt argue back and forth. Liz says Britt shouldn't sit in judgment of Nikolas. 

Nikolas thanks Liz for defending him. Liz says she did it against her better judgment. 

Curtis confronts Jordan about TJ and asks what secrets she's keeping. Sonny and Jason arrive and ask if Cyrus has TJ.