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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Is Freed and Fired In One Day on General Hospital

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Brooke Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

Sonny insists on knowing what's going on. Jordan admits that Cyrus has TJ. She explains what's been going on so far and how Cyrus has someone on the outside. Jason says he knows it's Harmony.

Curtis says they have a common enemy and they need to work together. Jordan explains how she and her team put Cyrus in prison, but now he's picking them off one at a time. Jordan says Cyrus wants to be released and the only way it can happen is if Jordan confesses to setting him up. 

Chase tells Brook Lynn that neither he nor the Metro Court are pressing charges for the damages to his nose or the restaurant. He shows her an Invader article that badmouths her for what happened with ELQ. Brook Lynn blames Lulu. 

Ned worries about the merger falling through, but Michael defends Brook Lynn. He claims Ned gave her too much responsibility too quickly (uhm, she was supposed to send a contract and instead she was playing on her phone). 

Ned is upset with Brook Lynn when she gets home, telling her the ELQ partners aren't happy. Then, he fires her. Brook Lynn is upset because she feels she's being thrown under the bus. Ned tells her it's business, not personal. Brook Lynn accuses Ned of turning his back on her, but Olivia says she blew a deal that cost the company millions. Ned says it's his fault for not training her properly, but it's also a mistake that can't be repeated. 

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Nina's dealing with the fallout of Maxie's resignation when Nelle shows up looking for a job. She says she'll be happy with an entry level position, but Nina doesn't want anything to do with her. Nelle admits she needs to prove to the court that she's responsible. She adds how Nina should understand about having a child kept from her. Nelle says she served her time and deserves a second chance. Nina's not interested. 

Willow wonders how Harmony afforded a new car, though her mother claims it's not new. Willow offers help, but Harmony assures her there's nothing going on. Chase shows up and Harmony tells them both to take care of each other, no matter what happens. After Harmony leaves, Willow and Chase admit there's something wrong with Harmony. 

Lucy, Sasha, and Maxie are toasting their new partnership when Valentin shows up. Sasha and Maxie are not happy to hear he invested the capital and is a partner in the company. Maxie says she would never have agreed to work for Deception if she'd known and Sasha says she needs to rethink her involvement. 

Sasha complains to Michael about Valentin's involvement. Michael says Valentin is a good businessman and he might be good for Deception. 

Brook Lynn calls Linc to tell him she's ready to give him her shares in exchange for vacating the music contract. 

Nelle returns and gives Nina phone messages she's missed over the last few hours. Nina remembers a conversation when Willow asked her to expose Nelle in the magazine. Nina decides to hire Nelle.