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Perkie's Observations: Nelle and Michael Face Off Over Wiley on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Chad Duell, Chloe Lanier

Sonny says Jordan has to free Cyrus because nothing can be done while he's in prison. He says he wants the violence to end, and so does Curtis. Jordan thinks she should turn herself in, but Curtis doesn't want her to trade her freedom for Cyrus'. 

Jason suggests she can place the blame on the other three team members and not take the fall herself. Jordan doesn't want to tarnish Taggert and the others' memories. Sonny tells her to put a stop to the violence and bring TJ home. Jordan agrees. 

Nina offers the assistant position to Nelle, who accepts it to help her in family court. Carly arrives at that moment and is angry to hear the news. After Nelle leaves, Carly questions why Nina would hire a sociopathic Nelle. 

Nina says she's doing it so she can keep an eye on Nelle and use what she sees against her. Carly warns her to never underestimate Nelle and offers to help Nina. Nina says Carly has too much history with Nelle and it's better if she stays away. 

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Michael and Sasha bring Wiley into the hospital. Michael tells Monica he's having breathing problems and is worried about his heart condition. Monica says Wiley needs an echocardiogram. Michael sits and worries. 

Dolores checks in with Sam for a parole meeting. Sam claims she's keeping her distance from Jason. When Dolores leaves, Spinelli follows her to a bar. He sees her getting cozy with married PC councilman Raskin. He calls Sam to let her know, then follows as the two leave the bar. Dolores catches Spinelli following her, has him arrested, and calls Sam to tell her. 

Ava's surprised when Trina shows up at the gallery. She feels Trina needs to take more time to grieve, but Trina insists she's fine. Portia gets a call that Trina's not at school and heads to the gallery to find her. Portia is upset with Trina for skipping school and causing her to worry. 

Molly wants to know if Sam's heard from TJ. Sam mentions she's tracking his phone and Jordan is looking for him. Sam pings the phone again, which shows it's at Jordan's place. Molly heads to Jordan's as Sonny and Jason leave.

Monica tells Michael the hole in Wiley's heart hasn't closed and she recommends surgery. She wants to schedule it immediately, but points out that Nelle needs to give the okay as well. 

Nelle gets to the hospital and Michael explains what's happening with Wiley. Nelle feels surgery is too risky and refuses to sign the consent form.