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Perkie's Observations: Sam Rails Against Alexis' Ideals on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco

Nelle declares that Wiley doesn't need surgery right now, though Monica explains it's not frivolous. Michael says it will give Wiley a better quality of life, but Nelle says any surgery is dangerous. Monica says Wiley is in the best care and offers to get Nelle a second opinion. 

Michael wants to know why Nelle is risking Wiley's life. He thinks she just wants Michael to suffer. Nelle says she's trying to protect Wiley and he won't die without the surgery. She says she's not giving consent. 

Alexis runs into Neil on her way to a meeting. The two make small talk, but feel uncomfortable. Alexis thinks she should find a different meeting place where they won't run into each other. Neil wants her to keep the meeting that she's comfortable with. 

Dolores calls Sam and tells her Spinelli was arrested, and to meet her at the bar. Sam calls Alexis to help them. Dolores explains to Alexis how Sam tried to neutralize her by using Spinelli as a spy to get dirt as leverage. Dolores says Spinelli is charged with unlawful surveillance and could spend 6 months in jail. 

Alexis asks if it's enough to violate Sam's parole. Spinelli tries to claim Sam's innocence by taking all the responsibility. Spinelli mentions catching Dolores in the act of infidelity with a councilman. Dolores says he and Sam are trying to blackmail her, but if they keep silent, she won't send both their stupid asses to Pentonville. She warns them she won't be intimidated and that Sam has to suck it up, buttercup.

Laura asks Sonny about the drug shipment that came into town. Sonny says he wasn't responsible and it one of Cyrus' shipments. Sonny says he's done everything to de-escalate the violence and he's as concerned as Laura. Laura says she'll have to step in and come down hard on all parties at some point. Sonny promises that steps are being taken to deal with the problem. 

Jason shows up after Laura leaves. He's not happy that Sonny told her as much as he did. Jason says when Cyrus gets released and killed, all fingers will point to them. Sonny says they'll be suspected even if someone else takes out Cyrus. He says they'll make sure nothing points to them so they can bring peace back to Port Charles. 

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Jason talks to Willow about her mother. He claims she's involved in something serious and believes Harmony is trying to protect her. 

Willow tells Chase about her talks with both Harmony and Jason. Willow believes someone is using her to force Harmony into something and she's worried about it.

Kevin congratulates Neil on his new position at the hospital. They discuss the accusations against him and his time fighting against the board.

Laura drops by to ask for Neil's help with addiction. Laura explains about the new drugs in town and how she'd like to create a clinic for addiction. Neil agrees and Kevin offers his help. 

Willow gets a call from Sasha and heads to the hospital. Michael says both parents need to consent. Willow insists that Wiley have the surgery TONIGHT. (Calm down Willow, he's not in immediate danger.) Sasha says Michael needs sole custody, which Nelle overhears. Nelle says Wiley is perfectly healthy and she's going to protect him from everyone. 

Alexis gets angry with Sam for being so stupid as to try to blackmail her parole officer. She says Sam needs to follow the rules and get through this. Sam gets angry, saying she wants her family back and two years is a long time to wait. (I cannot say how annoying this line is. It's two years, 6 months of which has already gone by, it's not 789 years for the love of Pete.)

Sam loses it on her mother, calling her a pushover who refuses to fight. She says Alexis used to question the system, and now she sits back and watches from the corner. Sam says Alexis didn't even fight for Neil. She says Alexis used to be her hero. (WTF when was that, show?) Sam says she feels sorry for her mother. 

Later, Sam returns to apologize for being so harsh, but Alexis is not interested in hearing it. When she's alone, the bartender hands Alexis a drink. She keeps hearing Sam in her mind and takes the drink.