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Perkie's Observations: Carly Takes Up Michael's Battle With Nelle on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Chloe Lanier

The bartender hands Alexis a second drink, but she hesitates and chooses not to drink it. She tries to reach Finn or Molly, but manages to reach Julian, who comes to pick her up. Alexis admits to Julian she fell off the wagon after three years. She explains what happened with Sam. Alexis says she sabotaged herself. 

Michael tries once again to get Nelle to sign the consent forms, but she refuses. She argues that heart surgery is a major operation and Wiley doesn't need it right now. Michael claims if they don't take care of it, Wiley will have life long health problems. He reminds her he had the same surgery and is fine.

Nelle counters she had her own surgery and she never fully recovered from it. Nelle says she constantly needs to take medication and is in chronic pain. She wants to know the alternatives to the surgery. 

Sonny gets a call that Mike has been taken to the hospital. Portia is his doctor. She tells Sonny that Mike has a wrist injury, but no one can tell her how it happened. She's running tests to see if it's broken. 

Britt is introduced to Neil and feels like she's met him before. Britt runs into Anna and Finn, and discusses Liesl's guilt. Britt says her mother has a lot to answer for and believes she's guilty. Anna is surprised to hear that Britt and Peter have kept in touch and are close. 

Cameron complains to Liz about having to talk to Neil about what happened the night of the shooting. Liz is determined to have him talk to someone who will guide him through it. Cameron tells Neil he's only there to appease his mother.

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Neil talks to Cameron about the traumatic nature of the shooting. He explains he has to talk about it to get to the other side of it. Cameron tells Neil he ran and left Trina behind. He wonders if it was smart or cowardly. Neil believes he did the right thing. Cameron remembers when Jason showed up and they had planned on going back in together. Neil says Cameron was not a coward.

Nikolas wants to watch Franco paint Ava's portrait until he hears that Liz is upset over Cameron's feelings about the shooting. Nikolas heads out to find Liz. Ava talks to Franco about Trina coming to her for support. Ava's not sure she has anything to offer, considering how things were with Kiki. Franco reassures her. 

Liz admits to Nikolas she's worried about Cameron. She's afraid he'll keep everything bottled up, which will eventually break him. She says she was the same age when she was raped and doesn't want Cameron to go through what she did. Nikolas said she was brave, but Liz says she made it through with his, Emily's, and Lucky's help. 

Joss and Trina talk about Cameron. Trina remembers the kiss, but doesn't tell Joss about it. 

Michael tells Carly about Wiley's surgery and how Nelle's refusing to give consent. He says he's trying to contact Diane. Carly says she'll deal with Nelle.

Michael complains to Sonny, who also wants to take care of Nelle, but Michael says he's got Diane working on things. Sonny talks about Mike's injury. Michael reassures Sonny that Mike will be okay. 

Carly tells Nelle she overplayed her hand by using Wiley as leverage. She says she will lose the leverage if Wiley dies, but will win if she consents. Nelle says she won't let Carly tell her what to do and her decision stands. Carly takes the unsigned form, leaves, and locks Nelle on the roof.