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Courtney Hope Dishes Sally's Big Hustle on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Hope

Courtney Hope

Oh, what a tangled web a Spectra has weaved. The Bold and the Beautiful viewers were shocked to discover Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) has been running a big old con on everyone about dying. What is going on with the budding fashion designer? TV Insider spoke with Hope to find out what's happening in the spitfire's head.

What prompted Sally to do this? Was it Wyatt’s [Darin Brooks] regular vacillating between him and Flo [Katrina Bowden]?

Sally has gotten the short end of the stick ever since she showed up in Los Angeles. Though this has been the case her whole life, L.A. served as a place for her to make a name for herself and change her history. No matter how hard she’s tried, she can never seem to find a win.

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We hear you but sis, but will it work? Hope gives her thoughts,

Does Sally ultimately think that this crazy plan can actually work?

I think at her core, no, she doesn’t think it will- BUT she is hoping! She is too far in to turn back now, so she is going to fully press into this scheme and hopefully come out on the other end loved and happy. She will definitely go down swinging.