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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie and Monica Pull a Fast One on Nelle on General Hospital

Monica Quartermaine, Bobby Spencer, General Hospital

Jackie Zeman, Leslie Charleson

Wiley's family waits for him to come out of surgery. Meanwhile, Liz heads to the roof to find Nelle, who is passed out where she spent the night. Nelle says Carly locked her up there.

Sam tells Molly she said horrible things to Alexis the night before and feels badly. Sam asks about TJ. Molly says she went to Jordan's and saw Sonny and Jason leaving. Molly asks Sam to check with Jason. Later, Sam calls Jason and asks for a face to face meeting to talk about TJ. 

Jordan tells Curtis she's meeting with an IAB agent regarding Cyrus. Curtis reassures her this is the best way to get TJ back. 

Chase brings Jason in for questioning, but it's a ruse for Jordan and Jason to talk about the case. Jordan's still not happy with the plan to throw the others under the bus. Jason says she's doing it to save TJ and the others knew the risk. 

Franco and Cameron discuss his session with Neil. Cameron says he made things worse with Trina by kissing her. Franco says he thought Cameron had a thing for Joss. Cameron says they've known each other a long time and Joss only sees him as a friend. Cameron sings Trina's praises and Franco feels that Cameron sees her as more than a friend. (Kudos to William Lipton in these scenes. The minute he started talking about Trina his whole face lit up.)

Trina talks to Ava about messing things up with Cameron. She says Cameron is in love with Joss and she's happy for them. She states she only kissed Cameron because of the traumatic situation they were in. Ava tells her not to settle for being second choice because she deserves better. 

Sonny's concerned with Mike's unresponsiveness. Portia says his legs don't seem to support him, but there doesn't seem to be a medical reason why. Portia thinks Mike is afraid of falling and orders more tests. Sonny worries that Mike isn't able to let them know if he's in pain. Sonny tries to help Liz when she comes to get Mike for tests, but Mike gets upset, which upsets Sonny even more. 

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Portia apologizes to Curtis about Trina's anger towards him. Curtis says he understands Trina's grief. She also apologies for not telling him she was married all those years ago. Curtis says he told Jordan everything about them. Portia tells Curtis how difficult it was to be married to Taggert, but he told her everything he could about the case against Cyrus.

Jordan calls someone and asks them to tell her it's okay to do what she's going to do. (My money is on an alive Taggert, in hiding somewhere.)

IAB detective Cliff Simpson interviews Jordan. He wants to know why she's talking now. Jordan tells him three people are dead. 

Nelle confronts Carly about locking her on the roof. Bobbie says it's not possible since Nelle was able to sign the consent form. Nelle says she didn't and it must have been forged. Bobbie checks the file, but can't find the consent form. 

Monica has an update on Wiley. She says the surgery went well, but in six months he'll need another surgery to stimulate tissue growth. 

Nelle wants Chase to arrest Carly, but Carly says it's only her word. Nelle says she'll sue the hospital. She also tells Monica that in the future, any surgery will require both written and verbal consent. 

Monica tells Bobbie how happy she is that things worked out and mentions how odd it is the consent form went missing. Bobbie has a memory of shredding the forged form. Monica says the'll always look after their own. 

Chase tells Michael not to tell him exactly what happened last night. (Which I guess means that everyone was in on the forged consent form.) Michael's worried about Nelle giving her consent for future procedures and reminds everyone again he needs to win full custody, whatever it takes.