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General Hospital's Brad Maule Recalls Iconic B.J's Heart Scene, Reflects on Return

Brad Maule

General Hospital fans cheered when Dr. Tony Jones (Brad Maule) made a ghostly appearance in Port Charles last fall. Soap Opera Digest caught up with Maule to discuss some of his most iconic scenes - when Tony's niece Maxie (then Robyn Richards, now Kirsten Storms) received his daughter B.J.'s heart - and his brief return to GH.

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In particular, he reflected on working with co-stars like Jack Wagner, who played Tony's brother and Maxie's dad, Frisco:

You know, over the years, I had watched the scene where I lay my head down on Maxie and all that, and my scenes with Jackie [Zeman], but I hadn’t watched — or had forgotten about — telling Jack [as Frisco], the scene where he is all excited and happy about getting the heart and I say, “Well, you know, it’s my daughter’s heart.” He was so good, you know? Jack is a really good actor, so he didn’t always have to dip real deep inside himself, because he just knows how to do it, and he’s a star. But that day, it seemed like, to me, he dug deeper than he had to do. I don’t know, it was just really good. 

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When Tony appeared to counsel son Lucas (Ryan Carnes) last year, Maule was thrilled to come back to Port Chuck briefly. He recalled:

I had concerns before [the script] came. I was like, 'What if they’re sending me out there to just pop my face up and go, "Boo!" and that’s it?' But instead, I got this lovely script. It was really beautifully written, actually. And true to my character. I mean, there was nothing that I went, "Oh, well, he wouldn’t ever say that" you know? It was wonderful. 

He continued:

I felt joyous when I got that script, because I read it and I was like, "Oh, yeah! This is not just using my character and taking advantage of it, this is like digging into my character.” I was really happy about it. [Coming back] was a good thing, a healthy thing, and a really sweet thing on their part.

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