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Perkie's Observations: Mac and Laura Are Surprised By Jordan's News on General Hospital

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Mac Scorpio, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

John J. York, Genie Francis

Alexis attends an AA meeting and tells Finn she fell off the wagon. Finn asks what happened and Alexis brings up that she slept with someone and how she would do it again, but can't. 

Britt and Julian enjoy sexy time. After Julian mentions Brad, Britt says she lost her best friend and has no one else. Julian talks about Alexis and Neil. Britt remembers seeing the two of them at the hotel in New York City. Julian gets angry when he realizes Neil is the reason that Alexis fell off the wagon. 

Brook Lynn tells Ned she's getting back into her music and also got out of her contract. Ned is surprised. Brook Lynn says she gave Linc what he wanted, but doesn't explain to Ned what that is. 

Olivia confronts Lulu, who apologizes for causing damage to the hotel. Olivia believes Lulu is acting out and she shouldn't have turned on the Quartermaines.

Lulu asks Dustin's opinion. He says Lulu can be impulsive and didn't have to publish Brook Lynn's vlog. He says Lulu did it to get back at her.

Olivia wants to know how Brook Lynn got out of her contract, but Ned says he doesn't know. He wants to believe she's getting her life in order. Olivia worries that whatever's going on will blow up in all their faces. 

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Lulu apologizes to Brook Lynn by saying she could have spoken to her before posting the article. She also apologizes for starting the fight.

Trina talks to Cameron about Ava and how supportive she is. Cameron talks about his time with Neil. Cameron asks if Trina told Joss about their kiss. Trina says she didn't and feels they weren't thinking clearly because of the trauma. 

Curtis wonders how much Taggert told Portia about his investigation into Renault. Portia asks why Curtis is interested in this now. 

Jordan tells the IAB agent she went over the files again and found discrepancies with the evidence. She says she believes Taggert and the others conspired to tamper with evidence to send Renault to jail.

Laura and Mac discuss Renault. They're surprised when Jordan tells them about her meeting with IAB and their investigation into Taggert's handling of Renault's case. Jordan says there is proof Taggert fabricated evidence. Mac doesn't believe Taggert would have ever bent the law. Laura tells him she wants him to find out the truth. 

Jordan tells Portia about the investigation into Taggert. Portia is surprised and believes this explains Taggert's behavior during their marriage. She feels she needs to give Trina a heads up, just as Trina arrives. 

Neil runs into Alexis. She tells him about her first day of sobriety. Julian shows up angry and gets physical with Neil.