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Perkie's Observations: Robert Warns Laura She May Be a Target on General Hospital

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Robert Scorpio, General Hospital

Tristan Rogers

Mike wants nothing to do with Carly and Brando, despite Sonny's reassurances that they're family. Mike pretends to go along with it until he's alone with Sonny. Then he claims he has no idea who they were. Mike suddenly recognizes Sonny and says he wants to go home. Mike wants to go to Bensonhurst, not Turning Woods. 

Sam tells Jason about Dolores and how they won't be able to see each other for another year and a half (oh the injustice of it all). Jason tells her to stop looking for a way out. He wants her home safe with the kids. He tells her Cyrus is coming at them from all fronts and he can't protect Sam if she's back in prison. Jason tells Sam that Cyrus has TJ. 

Trina heads to the gallery. She complains to Ava that Cyrus will be freed while Taggert will be thrown under the bus. Ava says what others think doesn't matter. Taggert put his love for Trina above all else. Trina worries that her father's name will be dragged through the dirt. Ava tells her not to lose faith because Trina is her father's legacy. (Kudos to Maura and Sydney, who were fantastic in these scenes.)

Molly shows up at Jordan's, demanding to know where TJ is. Curtis says it's out of their hands, but TJ will come back when he's ready. Molly continues to shriek and adds that TJ is now being mean and vindictive. She says he has 24 hours to show his face or she'll send Sam and Spinelli after him. Jordan yells at Molly to stop acting like a spoiled, entitled child (you go, Jordan!). Jordan says Molly was the one who hurt TJ and pushed him away. She reminds Molly she broke his heart and needs to get over it. 

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Kevin pays Cyrus a visit to assess his mental health. Cyrus is confused about Kevin's questions and motives, and makes a few veiled threats. Kevin claims he's doing a study on men behind bars and in solitary. Cyrus says he knows Kevin is Mayor Laura's husband. 

Robert tells Laura that with Jordan's information, it's only a matter of time before Cyrus is released. Laura's trying to delay it as long as possible so she can get evidence that Cyrus was behind the latest shootings. 

Carly and Brando discuss Mike and his condition. Brando says he wouldn't wish it on anyone. Carly praises Sonny's loyalty to family. Sonny tells Carly about Mike wanting to go back to Bensonhurst. He says it's the one thing he can't give his father.

Molly's car breaks down in front of Brando's garage. He offers to take a look at it for her. Molly gets all flirty-flirty with the new mechanic. (If this was a chem test, sorry but he's way too old for her, show. He's supposed to be Dev's dad.)

Kevin meets with Laura to tell her about his findings. Laura asks if they can lock Cyrus up. Kevin explains Cyrus is a narcissist, but fully sane. Laura wants to move him to Ferncliff, but Robert says it won't work. Robert feels Cyrus' lawyers will see through the ploy. Laura says she needs to delay his release. Robert tells her to get used to the idea that Cyrus will be getting out, and she'll be in his crosshairs.