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Perkie's Observations: Trina Angrily Defends Taggert on General Hospital

Brook Kerr, Sydney Mikayla

Brook Kerr, Sydney Mikayla

Jordan explains to Trina how Taggert tampered with evidence to put Renault in prison. Trina says her father wouldn't frame anyone because he was a good guy. Trina accuses them of trashing Taggert's reputation and wonders why it needs to come out. Portia admits what Taggert did was wrong. Jordan says there is a code that should be followed and the justice department knows. Trina accuses Jordan of betraying Taggert and destroying his name. 

Julian yells at Neil for taking advantage of Alexis. He claims he's the reason she fell off the wagon. Julian calls Neil a twisted predator and thinks Alexis needs protection. Alexis gets angry with Julian. Julian yells (loudly enough to be overheard) that Alexis is a wreck because she and Neil slept together. Felix steps in and warns them to stop disturbing patients. 

Alexis counters it's not his business. Julian tells them Britt saw them together in New York. Alexis says she trusted Julian when she called him to pick her up, but now he broadcasted her business for everyone to hear. Julian says Neil needs to be exposed, but Alexis has had enough. After Julian leaves, Neil asks why Alexis took the drink. He believes it was because of him, but Alexis tells him about her fight with Sam. Neil worries that this will cause trouble for them. 

Brook Lynn wants to use Dustin's creative mind to help her write a song. She says she got out of her contract and is relaunching her music career. Dustin turns her down, but when Brook Lynn leaves, Lulu tells him to do it. Lulu says he'll enjoy writing for Brook Lynn, but warns him to watch his back. 

Felix tells Sonny that all of Mike's tests came back negative. He adds that the fall has shaken his confidence and now he doesn't want to walk. Sonny sits with Mike and tries to convince him to get out of bed. Sonny says Mike needs to keep up his strength. Mike says he doesn't want to do this anymore.

Sonny tells Mike a story from his childhood about bikes (and yeah, I zoned out because Sonny and his childhood stories told in that whisper talk that Maurice does is all kinds of no for me.) Needless to say, nothing Earth shattering came out of the conversation other than Sonny saying he'll be there, literally and figuratively, to catch Mike if he falls. 

Charlotte's hanging out with Nina for the day when they 'accidentally' run into Jax at Kelly's. Nina complains to Jax she needs to find someone to replace Maxie, then tells him she hired Nelle. Jax questions her sanity on hiring an ex-con, but Nina says she did it to keep an eye on Nelle and supply dirt. Jax warns she could be Nelle's next target. 

Valentin calls his lawyer to tell him that Brook Lynn's shares are now officially his, thanks to Linc. He spots Jax and Nina together and asks to speak to Nina alone. He asks her if things are serious with Jax. She says they're having fun. Valentin tells her to enjoy it while it lasts because he'll be there to win her back when she's done. 

Nina walks back into Kelly's to find Jax on the floor. He claims he tripped, but it's clear that Charlotte deliberately took him down with her backpack. 

Britt calls out Julian for attacking Neil. She says it's not his place to get into Alexis' life. Julian believes he was justified, saying he feels an obligation to protect Alexis since he treated her so poorly. Britt believes he's still in love with Alexis and ends whatever they had. 

Carly gets home and is surprised to find Brando hanging out with Avery. Brando explains he was dropping something off for Sonny. The nanny was busy with the baby, so he was keeping Avery company.

Carly is suspicious and reminds Brando he was basically forced to stay in town. Brando reassures her that he's all good and there are plenty of opportunities in town. (Opportunities to get shot, opportunities to get stabbed, so many opportunities).

Brando talks about his childhood with Gladys and how Mike used to visit them. Carly offers to have Brando join her when she visits Mike. 

At the hospital, Sonny is walking the halls with Mike when Carly and Brando show up. Mike looks at Brando and says he thought he was dead.