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WATCH: George Stephanopolous Talks Wife's COVID-19 Diagnosis on Good Morning America

Ali Wentworth, George Stephanopoulos

Good Morning America's George Stephanopolous is currently self-quarantining due to wife Ali Wenworth's COVID-19 diagnosis. On GMA on April 2, he spoke to Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan about coping with the illness and self-isolation.

Stephanopolous said:

We are basically acting to the outside world as if we have it. We are staying inside the house. I am the only one who goes in and out. Someone had to take care of her. That’s me. So far I feel fine and I am not showing it.

He added:

I wonder myself if I already had a mild version and just didn’t know it.

The former Democratic Party advisor also shared a video of Wentworth, in which she told the camera:

Achy joints is a big thing. It feels like a really, really horrible flu.

Watch the interview below.