Dr. Phil Talks Shooting from Home with Wife Robin as Production Assistant

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Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw spoke to Deadline about the unique challenges he's facing while filming his talk show from home. 

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He's enlisted wife Robin to serve as his PA/Girl Friday, he noted, with producers coming in via Zoom:

This is Dr. Phil from the kitchen, I’ve got a one-man crew: my wife Robin, she’s doing lighting, cameras, does hair and makeup, wardrobe with a good attitude. I’m actually just shooting into an iPhone or iPad depending on what’s happening. The cameras on these devices are amazing, they take a really good picture and Robin has got me a bunch of her mirrors with lights on and set them up and it’s really amazing.

Reflecting on the toilet-licking TikToker who flouted coronavirus regulations, McGraw quipped:

 Oh my god, if brains were lard, she couldn’t grease the skillet. She was just unbelievable.

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And is McGraw himself the right expert to speak on COVID-19? The doctor himself said:

I’m not an immunologist, I’m not an infectious disease expert but because I have the profile I do, I have access to the top people in the world and I will tell you what they’re telling me with no political spin, no agenda.