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The View's Joy Behar Reveals Her "Celebrity Quarantine Crush"

Joy Behar

The View's Joy Behar took some time to chat with popular NYC blog West Side Rag. The comedian dished on how she's coping during coronavirus quarantining, who her "quarantine crush" is, and remaining creative during during this challenging period.

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Besides spending time with her hubby and dog, Behar quipped that she just can't stop noshing in these tough times. She shared:

Oh my God! Like I said on The View, I can’t seem to maintain a six-foot distance from my refrigerator. I can not! I like to cook anyway.

Whipping up delicious meals is one way Behar stays creative...especially since she's finding writing a particularly difficult task these days. She said:

I’ve found it very difficult to write. To be creative. I feel blocked. I wrote a play that’s supposed to be produced, but of course, now can’t. We’re supposed to have a reading of it this summer, if God spares, as my godmother used to say. I just can’t bring myself to seem to do any writing.

And even though Behar has her family around her, what celeb would she want to be quarantined with, given the chance? Show her the funny, she confessed:

Oh my goodness, well, it would have to be someone who can make me laugh, so I’d say Mel Brooks. I remember asking Anne Bancroft once, 'Where would you like to live? NY or LA?' And she said, 'Wherever Mel is. I know when he comes home at night, that’s when the party is going to start!' So yeah, Mel is my celebrity quarantine crush.

Brooks participated in a viral "stay-at-home" ad with son Max. Watch the cute clip below.