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WATCH: Robert Newman On a Guiding Light Reunion Show

Robert Newman

Robert Newman

Reunion shows and reboots seem to be all the rage in Hollywood, but unfortunately, Procter & Gamble doesn't feel the same way. Former Guiding Light star Robert Newman (Joshua "Josh" Lewis) spoke with RDU on Stage's Lauren Van Hemert to discuss his vast and versatile career.

Van Hemert didn't waste anytime in asking Newman about the possibility of a reunion in Springfield. Newman sadly revealed it wasn't in the cards and the ball was in P&G's court. Newman stated,

 That question is unfortunately in the hands of Procter and Gamble more than anything else and they made it very clear over the years that they’re just not going to release the characters and copyrights to the show so unless that somehow changes one day...

Could a mini update on where Newman's Josh and Reva (Kim Zimmer) be possible? That too was a no-go according to the actor. Newman revealed,

 In terms of what you are talking about where there might be some sort of production, where there’s an actual reunion, and we see where Josh and Reva are today and that kind of thing on their probably 15th marriage, unless Procter and Gamble is somehow willing to shake loose the rights to the show, I don’t see it happening.

Watch Newman discuss how often he sees his former co-stars, his upcoming performance in the play, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and how autism is dear to his heart below.