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Perkie's Observations: Sam's Meeting With Jason Doesn't Go Her Way on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Jason meets Sam at the safe house and tells her Cyrus is being released tonight. Jason explains how Cyrus targets families, and will target him because of the warehouse explosion. Sam claims she'll do everything to keep the kids safe, but Jason says they can't risk it. 

Sam says she already lost Jason for five years and doesn't want to waste anymore time. Jason doesn't want to leave their children motherless. Sam says she can't take the separation (because, apparently she's twelve). Jason says he needs to protect them and not take risks. Sam finally agrees to stay away. (You know it's bad when the brain damaged mobster hitman is making more sense than you.)

Sonny tells Carly that Cyrus is being released. He says he has the advantage since Cyrus isn't familiar with Port Charles. Carly naively believes that Cyrus may just want to move back to his home base, but Sonny thinks if Cyrus backs down, he'll look weak. Sonny says he believes he can keep them safe. 

Ava wants to invite Kevin and Laura to dinner, but she and Nikolas arrive just as Robert lets them know Cyrus will be released in a matter of hours. Nikolas is upset and worried for Laura. Laura can't believe how quickly everything is happening and wants a way to slow things down. She hopes Cyrus will go home once released, but neither Robert nor Kevin believe it. 

Trina wants to confront Jordan, but finds Curtis instead. She wants Jordan to take back the lies against Taggert, but Curtis says her father was driven and framed Cyrus. Curtis says he was with the DEA for awhile and he understands the toll some cases can have. Curtis says Taggert kept that away from Trina so she could live her best life. Trina is determined to prove that Jordan is lying and Taggert is innocent. 

Cameron tells Joss that Trina is hurting and he doesn't know how to help her. Trina shows up saying she wants to sue Jordan for slander to restore Taggert's name. Joss says there is proof that Taggert framed Cyrus and if he did it for the greater good, then it still makes him a hero. Trina cries because she misses her father, and Joss and Cameron hug her. (I love Sydney Mikayla.)

Jax tells Nina that Charlotte seemed awfully happy when he fell at Kelly's, which troubles Nina. She worries that Charlotte will blame Jax for Nina's breakup with Valentin. 

Jordan heads to the prison and tells Cyrus she wants TJ freed. She warns Cyrus if he doesn't do it, she will kill him. 

Nikolas complains to Kevin, who shares his concerns. Nikolas wants Kevin to get Laura to back down, but Kevin says he respects his wife and all he can do is ask her to be careful. 

Carly tells Jax that Cyrus is being released and the violence might ramp up. She says Sonny promised to keep them safe, but if he wants to take Joss and leave, she'll accept it. Jax says he'll stay if she believes they're safe, but to let her know if things escalate. 

Jordan tells Curtis she told Cyrus if TJ isn't released immediately, she will kill him. Curtis doesn't believe she has it in her, and doesn't want her to throw away her life for Cyrus. Jordan feels it would be justice. The two make love in case it's her last night of freedom. 

Sonny tells Jason they can either take Cyrus out immediately or wait to find his weaknesses. Jason wants to eliminate him now to send a message, but promises to only do it if he can get away clean. Sonny orders the hit for tonight. 

Laura and Robert are there when the warden gets the paperwork for Cyrus' release. Laura tells Cyrus to go back to Seattle, but he says it will look like he's running. Laura promises to find his killer when he does get taken out. (I'm seeing a possible murder mystery here, with my money being on Nikolas actually doing the deed.)