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The Young and the Restless' Mark Grossman and Melissa Claire Egan Talk Chadam 3.0

Mark Grossman, Melissa Claire Egan

The Young and the Restless actors Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) have proven a dynamic pairing on screen. The duo talked to Soap Opera Digest about their first meeting, "Chadam" 3.0 (after Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley both played Adam), and the latest battle for Newman Enterprises.

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Grossman recalled:

[Head writer and co-executive producer] Josh Griffith knocked on my dressing room door and he brought Missy with him. I had seen her face so much from watching all these episodes of Y&R. We sat down and talked and I asked her like 300 questions. I probably annoyed the crap out of her. Obviously, Missy has way more experience than I do, so I just wanted to pick her brain about everything.

Egan added:

 It was such a massive storyline and so important for us to pick up where these characters left off. It wasn’t like when Justin [Hartley] took over for Michael [Muhney] as Adam, where Chelsea didn’t know it was him with a different face. Mark and I knew we had to pick up from, 'I know it’s Adam.' A couple of days later, we ran through some of our lines. Remember?

She continued:

Yeah, and picking up where you left off when you’ve only met someone twice is tricky. It’s a challenge, for sure.

Yet the two have made it work on screen. The actress dished on whether Chelsea and Adam are worried about his latest bid for Newman Enterprises:

Bring it on! I’ve been on the show for eight years and Adam’s always been a really important part of Chelsea’s story. They’ve had their issues and they’ve had fights but around here and they’ve always been like a force together and a really tough couple, kind of ride or die. I think it’s really cool how that’s their history. I think the writers are kind of focusing on that again now.

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