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Perkie's Observations: TJ Wants One Thing While Molly Takes Another on General Hospital

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TJ  Ashford, Molly Davis, General Hospital

Haley Pullos, Tajh Bellow

TJ is brought to the hospital, beaten up and unconscious. Jordan and Curtis head there to see him. Chase tells Sam so she can let Molly know. Chase says TJ was dropped off in front of the hospital. Portia tells Jordan that TJ has a concussion, but no broken bones. 

Sam heads to Molly's to tell her about TJ. After Sam leaves, Brando comes out of Molly's bedroom. (Gotta say, did not see that coming, no matter the flirting that Molly was doing at the garage.) Molly tells Brando what they did was a mistake. 

Willow shows up as Nina's waxing nostalgic about the heart necklace. Willow has a reaction (though I didn't think it was a 'hey I have half a heart necklace too' reaction). She asks where the second half is. Nina says it's supposed to be with her daughter, though she's certain her daughter doesn't exist. Willow's only there to see how Nina will help them make sure Nelle doesn't get Wiley.

Diane tells Sonny and Michael that Nelle's attorney is making moves. She says Nelle is suing the hospital, Monica, and Bobbie. Nelle claims she never signed the consent form and there's no way to prove whether she did or not. Michael insists Nelle can't get custody. 

Carly is shocked to find Cyrus checked into her hotel. She tells him she's not able to accommodate him. Jason arrives as Carly gets a text and heads out. Cyrus says Jason is responsible for his warehouse blowing up. Cyrus tells Jason to let Sonny know he's not going anywhere. 

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Chase questions TJ, who explains he was jumped after Molly dumped him. He adds he was tied up in a basement and can't identify anyone.

Carly shows up at the house for an update from Diane. She wants Diane to stop Nelle's lawsuit. Diane says she'll move up the custody hearing. Carly tells Michael that Nelle's vendetta is against her and she's going to finish this. 

Willow is angry when Nelle shows up and learns that Nina hired her. Nelle says she needs gainful employment for the courts. Willow is still upset, but Nina says she doesn't need her approval. 

Molly gets to the hospital and apologizes to TJ for losing faith and believing they were done. TJ says they're both stubborn and he now realizes they don't need to be married. He offers her a domestic partnership so they can spend the rest of their lives together. TJ wants them to focus on their future. 

Sam tells Jordan she knows what happened to TJ. Jordan warns her not to say anything to Molly because it will put them in more danger.

Jordan tells Chase that she wants to take the reins in the investigation, but he points out she's the victim's mother and it could compromise the case. 

Jason updates Sonny on his run in with Cyrus. He tells him Cyrus isn't going anywhere.