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Perkie's Observations: Nelle and Carly Try to Settle Their Past on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier, Laura Wright

Chloe Lanier, Laura Wright

**This episode is interspersed with flashbacks. I get that the show likely re-edited the remaining episodes so they last longer. I appreciate it, though it is very jarring to be stopped every two minutes or so with a flashback.**

Joss stops by to tell Jason that Nelle is suing the hospital and his mother, and he needs to stop her. Joss says Jason doesn't care about the law and he needs to fix this. She's worried that Nelle will get Wiley. Joss says Nelle gets away with everything, but Jason warns her she's playing into Nelle's hands. Jason feels the facts are on Michael's side. 

Nina's not happy with Nelle's treatment of Willow, but Nelle doesn't think she needs to be civil. Nina tells her to prove the naysayers wrong. Nina says she can show everyone she can be a good mother if she allows them to do the next surgery on Wiley. 

Carly shows up and asks for time with Nelle. Carly says she underestimated Nelle and apologizes, but Nelle doesn't want her sorries. Nelle wants Carly to admit she's just like her and Michael was her golden ticket, just like Wiley is Nelle's. 

Nina tells Jax that Carly's reaching levels of harassment with Nelle. Jax says it's his fault that Carly has to deal with Nelle and explains about Joss' kidney. Nina asks if Jax would do it again. Jax says it was morally reprehensible, but he doesn't regret the outcome. 

Willow heads over to Michael's to complain about Nelle. Chase arrives and tells them he's being deposed as a witness in Nelle's lawsuit. He believes the law is on Nelle's side. Michael says Nelle just wants to hurt his family. Willow needs them to do everything to keep Wiley safe, then storms out. Chase says he's worried about Willow. 

In a flashback to 1995, Eden McCoy plays a young Carly. She's living with her mother (Cynthia Watros) in Florida and is not happy with her lot in life. She's determined to go on to bigger and better things. She's sets out to find Frank and get the back payments of child support her mother's owed. (Cynthia did a decent job as Virginia, but I think they needed Eden to play it more like what we would picture Carly as a 20 year old, and not just another version of Josslyn.)

Nelle wants the heroine edit, like Carly had, but Carly says she's going about it the wrong way. Carly says she came to town because she wanted Bobbie's love, but felt rejected. Carly thinks Nelle is doing the same to her. 

Nelle says Carly should have welcomed her as her sister. Carly says Frank wasn't her biological father. Carly mentions finding Frank for the money he owed and he gave her nothing. Nelle says Carly knew about her and she saw her.