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Guiding Light Alum Tom Pelphrey Dishes on Getting Start in Soaps, New Role in Ozark

Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, Guiding Light; ex-Mick, As the World Turns) is making waves on season 3 of Ozark. In a new interview with Collide, Pelphrey reflected on his soapy beginnings and how he's surviving in COVID-19 quarantine.

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The two-time Daytime Emmy winner recalled:

When I got out of college, I got a job on Guiding Light, a soap that was filming in New York at the time. I was on that show for two and a half years, and it was a great first job, and I learned a lot. Working in front of a camera for the first time, learning those things, and obviously getting paid, which didn’t hurt, was a great experience. I had a good role, we won some Emmys when I was there, and it was kind of like a miniature taste of a lot of different things. So I learned a lot, and then I left the show and have been working my way up, as you do as an actor, ever since then.

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Pelphrey dished on Ozark:

I watched the first two seasons of Ozark on my own and I love the show, so I was a big fan. I thought it was amazing. I love the world of the show and I love the humor, and I thought all the actors were great, so it was a pretty exciting job to get.

Pelphrey isn't working at the moment, like most actors, due to the coronavirus pandemic. He told Collide:

I’m hiding out at my house. I live up in the Catskills mountains, and I’m up here with my girlfriend and our two dogs. Currently, at the moment, I’m parked on the side of a highway to talk to you, because at my house I don’t get cell service and I don’t get any fast Wi-Fi. But I’ve been up here for a while now, and unfortunately, at this time, it seems like the only thing we really can do is practice social distancing, so I’m trying to do that.ˆ

Ozark is available for streaming now on Netflix.