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Perkie's Observations: Nina's Necklace May Have Found Its Match on General Hospital

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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

(For anyone paying attention, there were nine flashbacks today, though some had several smaller flashbacks within the original flashbacks. Everyone at home play along because there will be a "how many flashbacks" quiz at the end of Monday's episode!!)

Flashback to Florida, 1995: Young Carly tracks down Frank Benson, looking to collect the back child support he owes. Frank claims he has no money. Young Janelle comes in the room, but Frank shoos her off. Carly figures since Frank has no money, then he can at least tell her about her birth parents. Frank tells her that Barbara Jean was a hooker. Carly tells Virginia that she's leaving. 

In 2020, Nelle claims Carly saw her. It takes a minute for Carly to remember seeing a young girl with Frank the day she was there. Nelle says she was told that Frank asked Carly to stay, but Carly denies it. Nelle says she wanted them to be sisters so Carly could have stayed and taken care of her. Carly says Frank never considered her his daughter, explaining he was a weak and selfish man who exploited Nelle. Nelle says they were always poor, but Carly left her behind for her fabulous life.

Carly says she didn't improve until after she had Michael. She says Nelle has to put Wiley first and wants Nelle to give Michael full custody. Nelle refuses, saying she's going to bankrupt the hospital and it's all Carly's fault. Nelle says Carly made her do this. 

Jason tells Joss the facts are on Michael's side. Joss feels badly she didn't see the truth about Nelle from the beginning. Jason says the one good thing Nelle did was bring Wiley into the world. 

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Sasha tracks down Willow at the hospital. (What an odd place for her to be. Can't tell you the number of times I've stormed out of someone's house and headed over to sit on a bench in the hospital hallway. Was the Kelly's set not up and running that day?) Willow admits she's too close to the Wiley situation (ya think?). Sasha says Willow's instincts are to protect the baby. Willow feels she has to do something since she's the closest thing to Wiley's mother. Willow feels the baby needs her and she's going to stand up for him. 

Michaels tells Chase that Willow is the most important woman in Wiley's life. Chase agrees that she'll do anything for the boy. Michael feels the bright side of Nelle giving Brad the baby was how it gave Willow a chance to be a pseudo-mother to him. 

Nina shows Jax the heart necklace and explains how her mother left it to her. Nina tells him Valentin went looking for her daughter and is certain she's still out there. Jax offers to find her, but Nina doesn't want to get her hopes up. 

Carly stops by Jason's to tell him she wants Nelle to magically disappear. Jason says Michael wouldn't be happy with that. Carly tells him about her visit with Nelle and the similarities of their pasts. Carly says she's better because of Michael and Jason. 

Nina sits and looks at the heart necklace.

Nelle goes through her things and holds the baby rattle. Inside the jewelry box is a heart necklace. (I guess that's the official confirmation that Nelle is really Nina's daughter.)