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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Promises to Make Peter Pay on General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Tristan Rogers

Kathleen Gati, Tristan Rogers

Jax has flowers and dinner plans for Nina, but she's concerned about Nelle. Jax says Nelle is a sociopath who is out for revenge and doesn't love her child. Nina says she understands Nelle's background of not having a loving parent and how it leaves a hole in your heart. 

Nina says she and Nelle are very similar, though Jax doesn't believe her past is anywhere like Nelle's. Jax says Nina's issues were due to mental health problems and she's turned her life around. Nina says he's seeing what he wants to see and not who she really is. 

Laura meets with Valentin to discuss Charlotte's custody hearing. Valentin says Charlotte shouldn't suffer because her parents hate each other. Laura mentions that Ava and Nina are going to testify on Lulu's behalf. Valentin wants things to go back to 50/50 with Lulu. Laura believes Charlotte is better off without her father because he's not good for her. Valentin says he's willing to co-exist with Lulu and wants Laura to broker a truce. 

Lulu runs into Brook Lynn. After a few minutes of small talk, Brook Lynn brings up Dante and Lulu gets upset. Dustin is forced to break them up again. (I'm so tired of the nonsense fights between these two.)

Lulu leaves. Dustin is angry with Brook Lynn and calls her a bully. Brook Lynn defends herself and explains what happened with Dante. (Hey, did you know it was all Dante and Lulu's fault that Michael went to jail and totally not because CarSaSon decided to hide the truth? Shut up, show.)

Robert pays Liesl a visit to let her know she's being sent to The Hague tomorrow to stand trial. Liesl swears she didn't help Faison with the memory mapping nor did she try to kill Franco and Andre. Robert says he needs evidence against Peter. He says Peter believes he's going to get away with it and will eventually let his guard down. 

Maxie and Peter stop by Anna's to help her set up for Violet's birthday party. Anna tells Maxie that Liesl is being sent to The Hague. Maxie's upset that she gave Liesl so many chances. Anna tells her to see Liesl before she leaves and tell her how she feels. Anna appreciates all the hard work Peter has done to get away from his past. Peter swears he'll do everything to keep what he currently has. Anna asks about Britt. Peter says they get along because they can talk about Faison. 

Lulu meets up with Laura and brings up Dante. She says it's been a year since he's been gone and Rocco misses him. 

Maxie heads over to speak with Liesl. Maxie mentions that Britt took a a job in Boston and has already left. Liesl tells Maxie she was framed, but Maxie's not hearing it. Maxie wants Liesl to plead guilty.

Liesl swears she's innocent, but Maxie says she's too damaged and she needs to protect James. Maxie leaves as Liesl cries. 

Robert promises Liesl he'll keep an eye on Peter, and will look out for Maxie and James. Liesl promises to beat the charges and make Peter suffer for his crimes.