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Days of Our Lives' Eric Martsolf Dishes Baby Swap Aftermath

Eric Martsolf

Eric Martsolf

At long last Days of Our Lives' Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) have learned the truth. Mackenzie "Mickey" is actually their daughter Rachel, and not Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Sarah's (Linsey Godfrey), thanks to Xander (Paul Telfer) and Victor's (John Aniston) machinations. Now that all parties involved (minus Victor) are in the know, what's next? 

Martsolf spoke with TV Insider's Michael Maloney to clue viewers in on what can they expect, especially with his onscreen lady love, Kristen.

It’s safe to say that Kristen will also not respond well to the people who kept her baby from her.

Brady asks her to please quietly stay in her cage. He’s familiar with what this woman is capable of. Even though she’s on her journey to reformation, and she has redeemed herself in many people’s eyes. Does a tiger truly change its stripes? That’s debatable. Brady tells Kristen that they should celebrate what they’ve found out. Not to his surprise, he’ll return to their room and find out she is not there. It’s pretty horrific what she does [after finding out the truth].

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Sounds like Kristen is going to bring out her inner DiMera! Martsolf also discussed how he feels today's soaps deal with big reveals compared to those of the past, and what viewers should expect to come with baby Mickey/Rachel's reveal.

DAYS’ most famous baby reveal – Mike Horton (Wesley Eure) was Bill’s (Ed Mallory) son and not Mickey’s (John Clarke) – pushed the show to the top of the ratings and also took about seven years to climax. What’s your thought on today’s pacing? 

I agree that I’m a big fan of “keeping the roast in the oven.” I started my soap opera career playing Ethan on Passions and that show was all about the Gwen (Liza Huber; Natalie Zea), Ethan, and Theresa (Lindsay Hartley) triangle. Talk about taking your time! (Note: Ethan and Theresa wed in the series finale.) That trio never wavered. That was the story. I’m a fan of taking time as long as the investment is worth the wait. I think, overall, it’s moved rather quickly. I think most of our stories these days do.

In fact, Ron [Carlivati, head writer] did a pretty good job of constructing this by interlacing a lot of stories together. There are a lot of characters that are affected by this and relationships are going to be ripped to shreds as a result of the deceit – Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) world is just crushed. Everyone is a player in this. It’s not just two people who found out that their baby is alive. It’s a giant cast of characters across the spectrum who will find their lives completely overturned. I love it.

Chaos is descending on Salem!