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Perkie's Observations: Willow May Back Away From Michael's Snake Oil on General Hospital

Chad Duell, Katelyn MacMullen

Chad Duell, Katelyn MacMullen

Michael tells Sasha the custody hearing has been moved up to next week. He says his chances at full custody are only 50/50, unless he marries Willow. Michael says they would have to stay married for awhile and says it can't happen with Chase in the picture. Sasha says Willow should be given the choice. 

Robert shows up for Violet's extravagant birthday party. Anna says she heard that Liesl was extradited and is happy this is all over. She wants Robert to let Peter go on in peace. Robert agrees to co-exist.

Maxie tells Peter she's worried about Lulu's reaction when she hears that Valentin is the silent partner in Deception. Maxie tells Lulu about it. Lulu informs Maxie that Valentin can't be trusted and she should walk away while she can. Maxie says she wasn't asking for Lulu's permission, but just giving her a heads up. Maxie tells Lulu not to give Valentin more power. 

Nelle wants Valentin's attention, claiming they're both fighting for their children. She thinks she would be good for Valentin, but he's not interested. Nelle warns him that she can cause trouble for him. Valentin turns it back on her by reminding her he has her forged passports and will use them against her if needed. Nelle says he'll regret going against her. 

Willow's upset to hear that one of her young patients is terminal. She brings it back to Wiley, and Chase reassures her. 

Peter arrives at the birthday party. Anna wants Robert and Peter to get along. Robert tells Peter he has no proof he did anything wrong and believes Liesl was behind it all. The two agree to coexist for Anna's sake. Later, Peter calls someone and lets them know that Robert is still a problem. 

Chase asks Sasha how she feels about Michael marrying Willow. Sasha says she understands that it would be for Wiley's sake. She believes it's a good strategy. 

Michael tells Willow the hearing is next week and Diane thinks his chances would be better if they were married. Michael says Sasha supports the idea. He wants them to show the judge how much they love Wiley. Willow says she would do it if it weren't for Chase. Michael decides to find another way.