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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Sidles Up to Ava for Support Against Valentin on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Maura West

Ava and Nikolas stop by to pick up Avery for Violet's party, but Sonny wants a conversation with Nikolas alone. Sonny confronts him about letting Spencer believe he was dead and accuses Nikolas of betraying his son. 

Nikolas says he did what he thought was best for Spencer. Sonny says he's constantly in contact with Spencer and he was there for him when Nikolas wasn't. Nikolas is certain that Spencer will come to understand the choices he made. Sonny accuses Nikolas of being a coward. Nikolas says Valentin tried to kill him and he had to protect Spencer. Sonny says Nikolas wasn't there for Spencer and warns that if hurts Spencer again, Sonny will intervene. 

Charlotte has hidden a snake in a bag and is ready to unleash it at the birthday party. Charlotte runs into Ava and snarks that she wants to go back to her home, Wyndemere. Ava reminds Charlotte the house now belongs to her and Nikolas, but she can visit anytime. 

Lulu runs into Ava, who wants them to become better acquainted as sisters in law. Lulu says she hates Valentin, but doesn't want Charlotte caught in the middle. 

Chase updates Finn on Willow and how upset she would be if Nelle got custody of Wiley. 

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Olivia reminds Robert it's been a year since Dante left and wonders if there's been any improvement. Robert tells her no. Olivia promises she's not giving up hope. 

Jason stops by to tell Anna to be aware that Cyrus is looking for leverage on law enforcement. He asks if the WSB had any information on Cyrus, but Anna's not forthcoming. 

Danny spots Jason and asks him to stay at the party. Jason says he can't be around him and Scout for awhile. 

Finn thinks he should write a letter from Hayden for Violet, but worries about what would happen. He tells Anna that Violet hasn't asked about her mother lately. Anna reassures him that Violet is sorting through things and will come to Finn if she needs to.

Charlotte has the piñata.......and the snake.....duh duh duh.....

(Flashback quiz of the day: How many individual flashbacks were there? Hint: It was more 10.)