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Perkie's Observations: Robert Stays the Course to Derail Peter on General Hospital

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Robert Scorpio, Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms, Tristan Rogers

(Whoever was editing today's episode was quite flashback trigger happy. I counted 31 individual flashbacks, which at about a half a minute per flashback, means they took up the majority of the episode.)

Maxie tells Robert to drop his vendetta with Peter and focus on what they have in common. She says Peter has suffered enough. Robert says he only wants what's best for Maxie. 

Robert tells Olivia he's leaving the party early and asks her to create a cover so he can take off. Robert heads to Maxie's, breaks in, and snoops around. Meanwhile, Peter calls someone to set up something against Robert, then leaves the party as well. 

Charlotte stops Aiden from playing with the piñata. Ava introduces Charlotte to Avery, and makes small talk about horses and Wyndemere.

Ava tells Liz how happy Franco is with her, then complains about her lot in life being married to Nikolas. Ava's upset that no one was happy about Nikolas' return. Liz points out what Nikolas did was reprehensible. Ava says it's taken a toll on him. 

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Jason tells Sonny that Renault reached out and wants to meet with him. Jason knows Renault can't afford to make a mistake. Sonny brings up how Jordan's under Renault's thumb. Jason points out that over time, that could hurt them. 

Michael and Sasha discuss Wiley. Carly joins them and starts in on Nelle's terrible actions. Michael's worried if they dump too much on Nelle, then the judge will see her as a victim. 

Chase says he knows Willow is worried about Wiley and is more of a mother to the child than Nelle. Willow believes Nelle just wants to use Wiley as a weapon against Michael. Chase says the solution is for her to marry Michael.

Chase tells Willow it's time to decide what to do. He says it's her decision and he'll support her if she agrees to marry Michael. Chase says if she chooses not to, then she needs to back off and let Michael deal with it alone. 

The piñata is brought out and all the kids pull the strings until the candy, but no snake, falls out. 

Ava grabs her purse to look for her phone and drops it, screaming, as the snake slithers out.